Good morning šŸ™‚

Alongside your target work from your packs I would like you to play a maths game today. It is called ‘think of a number’.

You need to have at least two players. Each player has to think of a number and write it down. Your child needs to be able to see the numbers. The adult has to ask the child to point to the number that is “more” and then point to the number which is “less”. This game is to help your child write numbers correctly, recognise written numbers, and use the language of “more” and “less” understanding the value of numbers.

If your child finds this difficult to do use smaller numbers and objects to help them see the value of each number. If your child finds this a bit easier use numbers up to 100 or even beyond!



For our work on journeys I would like you to have a go at writing some sentences. They need to say where you are going and how you will get there. Use a different type of transport for each one. Try to think of at least 6 sentences. Remember to use finger spaces and full stops. Make sure you try really hard to form the letters correctly.

For example; I went to the shop on my bike. She went on a plane to Portugal. They got on a bus to get to school.



Daily challenge 21.5.20 – Draw a picture! It can be of anything. If you would like to email it to the school office I will be able to see it.