Good morning! šŸ™‚

On top of your target work today I would like you to play a game with the words you have been learning to read. If you haven’t already got them written out on pieces of paper – each word on its own piece of paper – ask your grown up to do this. Get the pile of words ready. I want you to time how many words you can read in 1 minute. (Your grown ups phone will have a timer on it). Try this a couple of times throughout the day – how many can you do? can you beat your score?


The type of journeys we can take have changed over time as different types of transport have been invented I would like you to watch the video below. It has amazing pictures of what transport used to look like in the past, long before you and your grown ups were born.

After watching it I would like you to have a go at drawing a picture of your favourite type of transport from the past. ( I really liked the car that had the fold down seats at the front).


Daily challenge 22.5.20 – Have a go at another tongue twister. How fast can you say “red lorry, yellow lorry”?