Good morning. I hope you are all feeling happy and healthy.

I hope your target work is going well. An idea to help with counting targets is that you could jump, hop or take a big strides every time you say a number and don’t forget to look at counting songs and videos on the internet.

Earlier this week when we were thinking about different types of transport did any of you come up with travelling by foot, which means walking or running etc? I want you to think about all the different places that you can travel to by foot. Is it possible to walk to the local shop from your house? Is it possible to walk to London from your house? Some places may be too far to travel by foot, so how else could you get there?

Today I want you to have a go at drawing a map of a short journey that you would normally take. It could be to school or to a friend or family members house e.g. Nanny’s. On your map please make sure you show the route you take.

Daily challenge 23.4.20 – Please can your grown up/s or older brothers or sisters teach you how to play noughts and crosses. Can you manage to beat anyone?