Good morning everyone. I hope you had a lovely weekend. I’m sorry that I did not post yesterday but we had a few technical issues and the website was down preventing me from doing so.


Please continue to choose one activity from each of the reading, writing and maths activities in your home learning packs.


This week in our animal topic we are going to focus on animals that live in water. Can you think of different habitats where animals live in water?

There are some short videos for you to watch to help you learn some of the animals names that live in water and hear the noises that they make.


Some animals can live in water and on the land. They are called amphibians. We will learn a little more about this tomorrow. What I would like you to do today is make 2 lists of animals – 1 list of animals that live in water and 1 list of animals that live in water and on land.


Daily challenge 23.6.20 – Play a game of musical statues!