Hello Kangaroos- it’s Friday!

Joke of the day: What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear!

Spelling: Ask someone to test you on this week’s spellings. They are:

  1. knife
  2. knock
  3. gnaw
  4. gnat
  5. write
  6. wrap

Writing: Can you write the sentences below into your home learning books, adding the correct verbs in the missing spaces? You may need to add ‘s’ to the verb where necessary for it to make sense. For example: climb becomes climbs.
Remember: A verb is a doing word.

Tick and correct your answers from yesterday’s St George’s Maths quiz:

  1. 8
  2. 33
  3. 60
  4. 28
  5. 70p
  6. nine
  7. 10
  8. 14

Maths: Use place value to answer the calculations below.

Remember: It is easier to have the tens first.

Example: If the question was 9 + 40 I would instead do 40 + 9 = as it will still give the same answer of 49 but is easier to add.

I will now be giving you a Maths quiz every Friday, which will be a mix of all the things we have learnt in year 2. I will put the answers on the website on Monday. Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer as it is just a bit of fun. Just try your best!

ICT: In year 2, we learn about computer programming (also known as coding). Here’s a really fun coding game which involves making a cake! Have a go: https://www.bt.com/codeacake


Norfolk School Games and East Norfolk SSP are setting challenges for you to try at home. Watch their video explaining all here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSnKz_rImQI

Their first challenge will be virtual mini-tennis on the 27th of April.


Make sure you are all behaving at home and helping out where you can. Stay safe!

Miss Gislam