Hello everyone šŸ™‚

Please work on one reading, one writing and one maths activity from your home learning packs. I hope you are enjoying the top trumps reading game. I have been playing it at home with my family and I’m starting to get better at it!

Today we are going to think a little bit ore about animals that we call amphibians. It’s a very hard word to say. Can you remember what an amphibian is? That’s right, it is an animal that can live on land and in water. I have got some videos for you to watch.

Thinking about amphibians I want you to use your imagination today and design your own amphibian animal!Ā  I would like you to draw your animal and give it a name. Think about what skills your animal might have, for example: in water it can do somersaults, on land it can skip! I would also like you to give your animal a noise.


Daily challenge 24.6.20 – Choose a game or activity to do, maybe a jigsaw puzzle or building with lego, but you CAN NOT use your thumbs!