Hi all,

Todays post is late in the day as I have been at school working with the children of some of our fabulous parents performing key worker roles.

How did yesterdays challenge go? I managed 134 jumps!! Did you beat that?

To support counting targets there are some super videos that children can join in with, vocally and physically. We have looked at some of these in class and the children love joining in with them. They also all have their favourites. To access them type counting in 10’s or counting in 5’s into your search engine and then select the video option from the search results. Your child can then choose their favourite/s.

I hope work from your packs is going well. Just to confirm; the packs were bought home from school by your child Tuesday 17th March. If your child was not in on that day and returned to school later in the week they took them home on the day they returned. If your child was not in school at all after 17th March the packs were delivered to your homes Friday 20th or Monday 23rd March. The packs were in red cardboard folders. All packs contained an exercise book and pencil and individual activities for Reading, Writing, Counting and Calculating.

Daily challenge 25.3.20 – Can you name an animal for every letter of the alphabet? (E.G. a = ant, b = baboon)