Good morning šŸ™‚

Please make sure that you have worked on all of the different types of activities from your home learning pack. As usual choose one reading, one writing and one maths activity to work on today.

Thinking about our work on animals I’ve been wondering how your imaginary amphibian designs went yesterday. I would really like to see them. If you could email pictures into the school office Mrs Bellety will send them to me. If you would like me to share your work on the website I can (parents please just include in the email that you give permission for me to do so).

Today we are going to be thinking about an animal that is an amphibian a little bit more. We are going to learn about a frog and its life-cycle. Here is a video I would like you to watch.

Now I would like you to have a go at this cut and stick activity to show the life-cycle of a frog. If you do not have a printer you can draw your own.

lifecycle of a frog


Daily challenge 25.6.20 – Have a game of leap frog!