Over the past two days you have been describing some images using your senses. I would now like you to use what you have done to help you do a piece of writing. I am giving you a choice of what type of writing you would like to do. You can:

  • Use your descriptions as the start of a story set in one of the images.
  • Pretend that you have gone on holiday to one of the locations and write a letter to your family or friends telling them about what you have been doing.
  • Make up an exciting event that has happened in one of the locations and write a newspaper report about it.
  • Create a descriptive poem about one (or both) of the settings. You could even make it a Haiku, like you learnt to do last week!

Your Success Criteria will depend on which writing task you choose from above but I have a challenge for you! No matter which style of writing you choose to do, I challenge you to include a possessive apostrophe in your writing.


You will find a double sided Maths sheet,  Checking 3 digit by 3 digit Mixed Calculations. We can use the inverse to check our calculations. Use column method to work out the answer to the question, then work out the innverse to check. Remember, when you subtract the biggest number MUST go first!