It’s a new week! If you haven’t already then please test yourself on the spellings from last week (sure ending and CEW).

Here are this week’s spellings, they all follow the same rule this week:

-ous suffix

  1. courageous
  2. outrageous
  3. serious
  4. obvious
  5. curious
  6. hideous
  7. spontaneous
  8. courteous

Write a sentence using each of the words, be careful they aren’t all said in the way you think! Your challenge this week is to try and use a question mark, an exclamation mark, an apostrophe and a comma somewhere within as many sentences as possible; obviously not all in the same sentence as a question mark and exclamation mark are both used to indicate the end of sentences.

Try to think of other words using this rule (EdShed may help with this, there is an -ous suffix activity).

Time to practise lots of Maths skills again, choose one of the challenges to have a go at here: Mat 2