Good morning Chipmunks. Hope you have a lovely day. The weather is not as nice today but just because the sun isn’t smiling doesn’t mean that has to stop you! Please send me your smiles -I’m really missing all of you ūüôā

All of you have got reading targets. Why not write some of the new words you are learning to read and spell onto pieces of paper or post it notes and place them around your home? You could then go on a reading hunt.

For our work linked to transport I would like you to solve some word problems.

You will need to use the table below to help you identify the numbers needed and then put the numbers into addition number sentence to find the answers.


Transport                                              Number of tyres

car                                                                          4

motorbike                                                             2

large lorry                                                             8

tricycle                                                                   3


Example:  There are 2 cars parked next to each other. How many tyres are there altogether?

4 + 4 = 8


  1.          There is a tricycle and a motorbike in the garage. How many tyres are in the garage altogether?
  2.          This morning Amazon has 2 large lorries that need to make deliveries. A mechanic has to check that the tyres are not flat. How                many tyres does he need to look at?
  3.          5 people compete in a motorbike race. How many tyres are there?
  4.           A car and a lorry are driving along. A set of traffic lights turn red. How many tyres stop?


Daily challenge – 29.4.20 – Can you whistle? Ask your grown up to help you learn. If you can get the hang of it see if you can whistle a song!!