Good morning šŸ™‚

Please continue with a reading, writing and maths activity from your home learning packs.

How did you get on with making your pictures yesterday? Today we are going to add to your work. What I would like you to do is draw lots of chameleons – just like the character from our story yesterday. I would then like you to colour each one differently. Once you have done this, cut the pictures out and add them to the background/setting picture you made yesterday. Don’t stick them on at this point. I would like you to find out which colour chameleons look hidden the best on what parts of your picture. Where are they camouflaged? Once you have explored moving the chameleons around you can choose where to stick them or keep them separate so that you can do the activity another time.

You can draw your own chameleons or use this picture to help you.

Chameleon clipart template, Chameleon template Transparent FREE ...

I have got a video clip of a real chameleon I would like you to watch. It is fascinating watching it change colour.

Daily challenge 3.7.20 – Have a boogie to a song called Karma chameleon.