Yesterday, you watched a video about Indus Valley and made notes about what they did in their day to day life. Use these notes to help you write a diary entry as if you were living in the time of Indus Valley. Remember, if you get stuck, you can always re-watch the video for more ideas.


Date (e.g. 3000BC)

First person (I, we)

Past tense (You are writing about what you have done that day)


Challenge – include a possessive apostrophe


Telling the time is something that can often be tricky until you learn and master the skill. This BBC Bitesize lesson explains how to read time to 5 minute intervals past the hour and then to the hour. Look through the information and complete the activities. If you complete this or find it easy, have a go at matching these exact minute times to the clocks: Time to exact minutes.

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