Hi Kangaroos!

Joke of the day: What is a cat’s favourite colour? Purrrr-ple!

Spelling: Practise your spellings.

Tick or correct yesterday’s writing task:

  1. Last September, my Uncle Frank caught the train from Hull to Liverpool to watch Everton play against Arsenal.
  2. In the months of July and August the roads of Blackpool are filled with coaches from Manchester and Liverpool.
  3. Simon Cowell is on television every Saturday on the X Factor.
  4. Uncle Jason’s favourite thing to do on Saturday night is to watch Strictly Come Dancing.

Writing: Can you make these sentences more interesting by adding some adjectives to the nouns to make them noun phrases?
Remember: A noun phrase includes one noun as well as words that describe it (adjectives)

Example: The black dog barked loudly.

Can you think of any of your own sentences using noun phrases?

Tick or correct your answers from yesterdays Maths task:


To subtract two two-digit numbers


Success Criteria:

  • partition the numbers into tens and ones.
  • Subtract the tens (highlighted in green)
  • Subtract the ones (highlighted in orange)
  • Add the answers (highlighted in yellow)

Complete the following calculations using the above method:

  1. 65 – 32 =
  2. 54 – 23 =
  3. 28 – 15 =
  4. 77 – 54 =
  5. 46 – 13 =
  6. 39 – 16 =

Oak National Academy are doing some online lessons for pupils to access. For the year 2 lessons, go to: https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/year-2

Missing you all very much!

Miss Gislam