Good morning boys and girls, Mummy’s and Daddy’s.


I would like you to have a go at a Transport word search today. You have to look very carefully to see if you can find the words and then circle them, put a line through them or colour them in.



I hope that your counting activities are going well. I thought I would list all of the counting tasks we work on in Reception in case you are ready to move on to another target. Remember a little every day will help you achieve your target.

  • count forwards in 1’s 0-10
  • count backwards in 1’s 10-0
  • count forwards in 1’s 0-20
  • count backwards in 1’s 20-0
  • count forwards in 1’s from any number 0-20 e.g starting at 9
  • count backwards from any number 20-0 e.g starting at 16
  • count forwards in 10’s 0-100
  • count backwards in 10’s 100-0
  • count forwards in 5’s 0-100
  • count backwards in 5’s 100-0 (this is a tricky one!)
  • count forwards in 2’s 0-20 (even higher if you can)
  • count backwards in 2’s 20-0 (start at a higher number if you can)

I know that some of you could do most of this already. These are extension tasks:

  • count forwards in 10’s from any number 0-100 e.g 3, 13, 23, 33, 43, 53, 63, 73, 83, 93, or backwards e.g 97, 87, 77, 67, 57, 47, 37, 27, 17, 7
  • count forwards in 3’s


Daily challenge 30.4.20 – Tonight is the night when we celebrate all the fantastic work that doctors, nurses and all the other key workers are doing for us to stay healthy. If you and your family join in with this please can you take a saucepan and a spoon to bang on as loud as you can! I would also like you to give it an extra bang for your Mummy’s and Daddy’s who are keeping you safe and are helping you with your learning at home šŸ™‚