Hello šŸ™‚

Please work on one activity for reading, one for writing and one for maths from your home learning packs.

I hope you liked finding out about what the word camouflage means when we are thinking about animals. Today I’ve got a video for you to watch to find out about how camouflage can help an animal (some of it is really funny).

I would like you to have a go at something different today. You will need your adult to help you and your adult to be very brave! Using face paints or make up I would like you to have a go at covering your face to look like an animal that is camouflaged. After your grown up has helped to paint your face, you have a go at painting their face! I would love to see the results. If you would like them shared on the website send photographs into the school office šŸ™‚

Face Painting Design | Pictures | Free Face Paint Design

Daily challenge 30.6.20 – Can you learn and tell a joke?