Welcome back! Happy New year! As you may have noticed, the year has changed and we are now in 2021. At the start of a new year, lots of people choose to make New Year Resolutions. This is a change we are promising to make. Look at the New Year Resolution document and write your own resolution. New Year’s Resolutions

We have learnt about 3D shapes before so I would like you to sort the 3D shapes so that all the ones that are the same are together, hopefully you can name them too! Take a look at this video to remind you about some of the different 3D shapes: The 3D shape song – KS1 Maths – BBC Bitesize T-N-1105A-3D-Shape-Sorting-Activity-A4-Version

We are going to be looking at the weather and observing how it changes this half term. As part of this, we are going to try and record the temperature. See if you can follow the instructions to make a thermometer box or, if you don’t have the materials, design your own. Thermometer box

Hope you are all safe and well, Miss Coles