Good morning Chipmunks. I hope you had a lovely weekend?

I know it is really difficult to stay indoors all the time but we are all working together, just like an enormous team, to stay healthy. I’m sending each one of you a ‘high five’ and a massive “well done”.

I would like you to think about the reading words that were in your learning packs a little bit more today.  You need to read the words one at a time and then think of as many  different sentences as you can containing that word. You could do this with your grown up, taking it in turns to think of a sentence. I wonder if can think of at least 6 different sentences for each word? I would like you to do this for as many words as possible.

Thinking about our work on Transport, this week we are going to be working on transport that travel in water.  To get us started on this work I would like you to do a little bit of investigating today. What does floating and sinking mean? I would like you to gather some objects together – you will need your grown ups to help you decide what objects you can safely use – and using a bowl of water/sink of water/bath test whether the objects float or sink. Before you put them in the water you need to predict – have a guess – at what you think will happen. I have found a short video that I think you will like about floating and sinking.

Daily challenge 4.5.20 -Can you pat your head and rub your stomach (in a circular motion) at the same time?

Have a good day,

Miss Holland