Hello Tigers!

If you haven’t already, please test yourself on the spellings from last week (-ous suffix).

This week you have two spelling rules again,

-tion suffix

  1. invention
  2. injection
  3. action
  4. hesitation
  5. completion
  6. attention

‘sh’ sound spelt ch

  1. chef
  2. chalet (a small kind of house you might stay in on a holiday)

Write a sentence containing each of the spelling words. Your challenge this week is to include an before a vowel sound.

Try to think of other words that follow the -tion suffix rule. Again, you can use EdShed to help with this (When on the Spelling shed, select “more lists” then scheme at the top and “phase 4”).


BBC Bitesize have introduced daily lessons to help while you are learning at home.

Try these Maths questions that were set on Friday: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zd3q2sg 

There are lots of other lessons you could have a go at too. Remember to also keep using EdShed to practise your times tables inparticular.

Well done to all of you who have been using EdShed regularly. Scarlett, you have made it into the top ten spellers in the school! Well Done! Keep up the hard work! 🙂

A little bit of fun for Star Wars Day, have a go at designing your own Star Wars creature: Star Wars Day design your own creature, May the fourth be with you!