4th January

Good morning Lions,

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and a happy New Year.

Unfortunately, we are not able to be in school at the moment, so we will be learning online.



People from all over the world come to London and visit Big Ben but one week last August, they would have seen an unusual sight!

Five highly-trained abseiling experts started cleaning all four clock faces on 18th August. It will be the clock’s first scrub for 4 years. Experts think it will take a week to complete the cleaning so long as the weather stays fine.

The Houses of Parliament clock (nicknamed Big Ben), which was built in 1859, will also be checked for damage to the dials. Each clock face is made up of 312 pieces of opal glass, which must be treated carefully. The hands of the clock were made in copper because it is lighter than other metals.

To keep the climbing cleaners safe, the clock’s hands have been frozen in the midday position.


  1. Where is Big Ben?
  2. What year was Big Ben last cleaned in?
  3. Over 250 pieces of glass are used in Big Ben. True or false?
  4. What material was chosen to make the hands of the clock and why?
  5. How have they made sure the cleaners will not be in danger?
  6. How many days will it take to finish the job?
  7. What is the correct name for the building the clock is at the top of?




  1. If John has 158 toy cars and Mary has 278 toy cars, how many toy cars do they have altogether?
  2. One farmer has 336 lambs and another has 287. How many lambs do the two farmers have together?
  3. A grocer sold 127 bags of sweets on Monday, 135 bags on Tuesday and 18 bags on Wednesday. How many did they sell in those three days?
  4. An orchard contains 225 apple trees, 119 pear trees and 82 plum trees. How many trees are in the orchard?
  5. A man bought a pack of 150 balloons. Then he bought a pack of 350 streamers and 57 banners for a party. How many decorations did he buy altogether?
  6. If Mark has 158 books, Sarah has 278 books, and Jane has 227 books, how many books do they have altogether?
  7. One farmer has 336 chickens and another has 287. Then one farmer sells 38 of them, how many chickens are there altogether now?
  8. A grocer sold 127 eggs on Monday, 335 eggs on Tuesday and 118 eggs on Wednesday. How many did they sell in those three days?  He had 650 eggs at the start of the week, how many does he have left?
  9. A sports shop contains 225 football shirts, 119 rugby shirts and 282 tshirts. How many shirts are in the shop?  126 shirts were sold. How many are left?
  10. A man blew up 237 balloons. His friend Jay blew up 359 balloons and Robert blew up 416. 179 balloons deflated overnight, how many balloons were left for the party?



Before Christmas, we were learning about the Romans. Read the information on the powerpoint below, and write some facts about the Roman army. Draw and label a picture of a Roman soldier.

Roman Army


Keep safe, Lions.

Miss P