Good morning Chipmunks šŸ™‚

I hope you are continuing to work on your reading, writing, counting and calculating targets.

Today I would also like you to play a game with your grown up/s. You will need a teddy bear or cuddly toy. We have been working hard to use and understand positional language, I would like you to practice this at home so that we don’t forget! Your grown up needs to give you an instruction on where you need to place your teddy. The instruction MUST contain at least one of these positions: in front, behind, next to, on top of, under, over or in. For example; “Put your teddy bear on top of your head”, ” Put teddy behind the sofa”, “Put teddy in the box and put the box under the table”.

I hope you had fun investigating objects that float and sink yesterday. I wonder if you can make a paper boat and find out if it can float. If you have different types of paper you could see which one would be best – newspaper, writing paper, cardboard etc.


Daily challenge 5.5.20 – Listen to, learn and join in with the song below ( good for self- esteem and confidence)