This week, you have described some pictures that you have in your pack. I would now like you to choose one of the pictures and create a story that takes place at that setting. Remember to plan your story before you write it. You might want to draw a story plan like we have done before in class. Make sure you have an interesting character(s) and there is something exciting or unexpected that happens in your story.


Opening contains a description (of the setting and character(s))

Apostrophes for contractions and possession (didn’t, the dolphin’s tail)

an before a vowel sound

Joined handwriting

Conjunctions to extend your sentences

Your challenge is to include inverted commas for speech but said is in jail and can’t be used.


Complete the Maths worksheet ‘Write the Fraction’

Remember to continue filling in your Nutrition Diary, including over the weekend.

Answers for the week:

Maths Answers 1st-5th June

Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Remember to keep regularly using EdShed to help with spellings and times tables.

Have a lovely and safe weekend!