It’s a new week, hope you had a lovely weekend and remembered to fill in your nutrition diary of what you were eating. I have created a quiz for you to have a go at about your Nutrition Diary:

I look forward to reading your answers!

Remember to test yourself on you spellings from last week (Homophones and CEW). I have some more Homophones or near homophones and Common Exception Words for you this week:


  1. ball
  2. bawl
  3. fair
  4. fare
  5. grate
  6. great

Common Exception Words:

  1. occasion
  2. strange

Remember to check the meanings of the homophones so that you use them correctly in your sentences. Your challenge this week is to use inverted commas for speech. Remember to include who is saying it and how.

Log into EdShed to complete a Maths activity. If you still have any of the colouring sheets from your original pack left then also complete one of these. Practise as many different times tables as you can, particularly ones you find most difficult.