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I’m sorry that the post is a bit later today, my wifi has been a bit naughty and wouldn’t work properly!!

Please work on activities from your home learning pack as usual.

Today I thought we would look at the most common type of animal that can fly – birds. There are lots of different types of birds and some people enjoy a hobby called bird watching, which is quite popular in Norfolk where we live. I have a short video for you to watch about birds.

I have also got a word search where you have to find lots of different bird names. If you click on the link below you will be able to print it out.


A common bird that we see in Great Yarmouth is a sea gull. They can be quite cheeky and swoop down to steal your chips!! This has happened to me when I was eating chips from the market. It really made me jump! It would be great if you could have a go at making a seagull today. I have put a couple of ideas on here to help you.

make a seagull - summer craft | Seagull craft, Sea crafts, Bird craftsĀ  Ā Image result for seagull craft | Seagull craft, Lighthouse keepers ...

Daily challenge 8.7.20 – Sing and dance to the little bird dance.