Yesterday, you learnt about some local heroes to Great Yarmouth. Use the information you learnt yesterday (and any more you can find out – make sure you put Great Yarmouth after their name if Googling them) to create a piece of writing. I am giving you a choice of what piece of writing you do.

You can:

  • Write a biography of one (or more) of the local heroes.
  • Write a diary entry as one (or more) of the heroes.
  • Write a newspaper report about what the hero has done for Great Yarmouth.
  • Write a poem about the hero(es).

Whichever piece of writing you choose to complete, it should be written in past tense as you are writing about a historical figure.

Have a go at these challenges from the BBC Bitesize website. They use a range of Maths skills. Remember to always show your working out.