In your pack, you will find a sheet about the life cycle of flowering plants. Complete the task on the sheet showing the different stages of the cycle of a plant. It might help to think about the plants we were growing in our classroom.

Activity Sheet The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants

You will also find a sheet about a Haiku: My Lockdown Haiku Writing Frame. A haiku is a special type of poem that has a set number of syllables on each line. A syllable is the parts of a word when you say them. I find that if you clap out a word (for example your name) this will show you how many syllables it has (count the claps).

For example gar-den has 2 syllables. The sheet has some other examples of the number of syllables in words. Each line of the Haiku should make sense as words together, not just be random words. You could then write a haiku about other things, just remember to stick to the pattern of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

Here is my Haiku:

Keep working at home

All of you are missed greatly

Can’t wait to see you.

Equivalent fractions are fractions that show the same amount in different ways. Equivalent Fractions. The sheets have some fractions to colour in and some fractions to write to work out the equivalent fractions.