Hello šŸ™‚

Please choose one reading, one writing and one maths activity from your home learning packs to work on.

Today we are going to do some work based on a story. It is about an animal that can fly. Do you remember what the name of a book is called? What do we call the person who wrote the book? and what do we call the person who draws the pictures in a book?

Listen to the story below. Listen carefully to the character names.

What I would like you to do now is use the pictures from the link below – print them out if you can or you could draw your own pictures.

In the first speech bubbles I would like you to write “My name is” and complete the sentences with the names of the different characters.

In the second set of speech bubbles I would like you to decide how each character might be feeling and complete the sentences. Talk about what the different words mean and perhaps a time that you have felt like this.

Owl_Babies names and feelings (1)

Daily challenge 8.7.20 – Draw a picture of yourself for your Year ! class teacher.