Great Yarmouth is a town with a lot of history and many different Geographical features. We are also lucky enough to live close to city (Norwich) that has other Geographical features, some similar and some different to Great Yarmouth.

You should be able to locate both Great Yarmouth and Norwich on this map: Map for Local Area. You might even be able to locate some other places you recognise too (can you find Cromer?)

Take a look at these maps of Great Yarmouth and Norwich: Map for Great Yarmouth,  Map for Norwich. Hopefully you can identify lots of different features. Use the maps along with these photos: Great Yarmouth and Norwich pictures, to compare the two places. Look for similarities and differences. You might want to create a table to compare them.

Take a look at the data here: Favourite Colour Tally and Bar Chart Worksheets. Draw your own version of the tally chart and bar chart and complete them as instructed. Then, answer the questions about the data.