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Pupil Premium Report

The Government are currently providing an extra grant to schools to support particular groups of children who have been identified Nationally as underachieving. This grant is called the Pupil Premium. The Government require schools to report publicly on the amount of money they are receiving for this grant and what they are doing with it to improve standards. Outlined below is the Pupil Premium income, expenditure and impact for our school for the last academic year and the current one in the form of a Pupil Premium Strategy:

CLICK HERE for our Pupil Premium Strategy 19-20

Our general Pupil Premium ethos is to provide extra staff (which includes extra teachers) in our school in order to facilitate more individualised learning experiences to meet need and to provide an holistic approach to pastoral care, supporting the wider families as well as the children, in order to address the barriers to achieving learning and life success.


The target children for pupil premium achieve well and in some cases above National Averages and generally make good or better progress across the school. However, the pupil premium enables all children in the school to benefit from the extra resources and achieve better outcomes. Our “other pupils” group has a large number of English as an Additional Language pupils which influences attainment outcomes but these children also make good or better progress. For specific outcomes refer to the strategy link above.

Ofsted Report

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 PE Funding Report


17-18 Income and expenditure will be reported fully in July 18. The Government are increasing the PE grant to schools in 17-18 and it appears we may receive in the region of £16000. Priorities are to continue to offer at least 1.25 hours extra PE to every child after school and to maintain curriculum standards and enable every child to have at least 2 hours of timetabled PE plus we are planning to develop opportunities for families to enjoy sport together and to try some different sport experiences.

17-18 Outcomes

Reception children undertook 120 minutes of curriculum PE each week

Years 1 to 5 undertook 150 minutes of curriculum PE each week.

54% of Reception, 57% of Year 1, 86% of Year 2 and 66% of Year 3, 53% of Year 4 and 89% of Year 5 children accessed at least one extra curricular PE session per week at some point. Participation rate across the school remains at 67% of children accessing extra after school sessions with increases in years 2 & 3.

The total PE offer for children 17-18:  Reception 3.25 hours, Y1 to Y3 3.75 hours,Y4 & Y5 5 hours per week.

5% of the school took up their full PE offer.

63% of our disadvantaged children and 60% of our SEND children took up the extra PE offered after school.

Reception Physical Development measure 86% achieved an Early Learning Goal 2+ (3% increase compared to 2017)

In Year 2 of the children who took up extra PE: 79% gained an Expected+ Level in Reading & 75% in Maths and 67% in Writing.

In Year 5 of the children who took up extra PE: 74% gained an Expected+ Level in Reading & 61% in Maths and 78% in Writing.

In 17-18 we provided some new pieces of fixed outdoor gym equipment to enhance our sport provision.

In 17-18 we participated in a number of cluster based competitions, competing against 5 other local schools – in Football Tournaments, Dodgeball Tournaments, Hockey Tournaments, Year Group Sports Festivals and a Snooker Tournament.

PE Strategy 19-20

CLICK HERE for our PE-strategy 19-20 (Including outcomes 18-19)

PE Financial Year April 18 to March 19