Our staff are dedicated and committed professionals who strive to make a difference to the lives of the children and families they work with. If you have any issue or concern please make an appointment to see a member of staff who will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Our Class Staff Team

Head Teacher                       Mrs Fearns

Assistant Head Teacher        Mrs Mitchell

SENCo                                  Miss Holland


Class Teacher:                     Mrs Bunker

Teaching Assistants:            Mrs Thompson & Mrs Butt

Support Staff:                       Miss Kerrison, , Miss Cox-Donovan, Miss Whitmore & Miss Doole


Teacher:                             Miss Holland /Mrs Risby

Teaching Assistants:          Miss Jordan and Miss Thrower

Support Staff:                      Miss Wilson

Year 1                          

Teacher:                             Mr Kirkham

Teaching Assistant:            Miss Sault & Miss K Thornton

Support Staff:                     Miss Kerrison

Year 2    

Teachers:                            Miss Gislam & Miss Parramint

Teaching Assistants:           Mr Fox & Miss Halimi

Support Staff:                      Mrs S. Thornton

Year 3

Teacher:                               Miss Coles

Teaching Assistant:              Miss Correia

Year 4

Teacher:                               Miss Perry

Teaching Assistant:              Miss Catchpole

Year 5

Teacher:                               Miss Starling

Teaching Assistants:            Miss Lynch 

Support Assistant:                Miss Meadows & Mrs Collins

Year 6

Teacher:                                Miss Rhodes

Teaching Assistant:               Mrs Richardson

Support Assistant:                 Miss Fogden