Answers for 3.4

Later this month, the daffodils will be in flower.

This afternoon, I am going to see the bluebells in the woods.

Patiently, the hen sat on her eggs.

Every year, the frogs return to their home ponds.

In the distance, the mountains can be seen.


  1. Name the longest rivers in the world, Europe and Great Britain. The River Nile, the Volga River and the River Severn are the longest rivers.
  2. Why do some people think the Amazon is the longest river? The Amazon has many mouths so it’s not known exactly where it ends.
  3. What are the four main causes of pollution?  Fertilisers and pesticides, industrial waste, oil and dumping waste are the four main causes of pollution.
  4. How can farms pollute rivers? Pesticides and fertilisers, used on farms, can end up in the river. They cause algae to grow, and can kill fish.
  5. Who tries to stop rivers from becoming polluted? The Environment Agency tries to stop rivers becoming polluted.
  6. How many oil spillages are in the UK every year? There are around 3000 oil spillages every year.
  7. Which word means the same as ‘injure’? ‘Harm’ means the same as ‘injure’.
  8. Explain ‘fly-tipping’. ‘Fly-tipping’ is dumping waste and rubbish into rivers rather than finding a bin or recycling centre to put them. It is illegal.
  9. Write an interesting fact about water pollution.
  10. What could we do to prevent water pollution?


Where in the world? Venice in Italy