Christmas party day.

Good morning Bear Class,

I hope you’re all looking forward to your parties today and that you have been practicing your dance moves! Please remember to come to Nursery in your uniform as we have made our special crowns to wear throughout our party.

Parents please check the website later today for pictures of your children joining in with today’s fun!

The children will also be having a ‘zoom’ visit from Father Christmas this morning and tomorrow afternoon.

At the end of both sessions today the children will be coming home with all their Christmas art work, cards and presents from Father Christmas.

See you all soon,

Miss Thrower, Mrs Pollard & Miss Whitmore




Goodbye Nursery!

Good morning Nursery! How are you all today? Did you enjoy yesterday’s activities? Today is the last day of our year together πŸ™

I have missed you all lots over the last few months – You have all been fantastic πŸ™‚ I wish you all the best with your transition into Reception. Be brave, confident and kind. Try your best and stay busy! I will remember you all forever. Good luck πŸ˜€

Here is a few fun activities to do today – Have fun and enjoy your summer!


https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/gingerbread-man-gameΒ – Here is a gingerbread man counting game to do online. All you will need is an tablet or iPhone. KEEP COUNTING πŸ™‚


https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/makes/cbeebies-colouring-sheets-waffle-the-wonder-dog?collection=colouring-sheets. Β 

Here is an online colouring for you to try πŸ™‚


Here is an outdoor game to play with your child. We learnt this at Nursery – All the children really enjoyed this game!

Whats the Time Mr Wolf – One player is chosen to be Mr Wolf. Β Mr Wolf stands at the opposite end of the playing field from the other players, facing away from them. Β A call-and-response then takes place: all players except for Mr Wolf chant in unison β€œWhat’s the time, Mr Wolf?”, and Mr Wolf will answer in one of the two ways. Β Mr Wolf may call a clock time (e.g., β€œ3 o’clock”). The other players will then take that many steps out loud as they go (β€œOne, two, three”). Then they ask the question again.Β  Mr Wolf may call β€œDinner Time!” Then Mr Wolf will turn and chase the other players back to their starting point.Β  If Mr Wolf successfully tags a player, that player becomes the new Mr Wolf for the next round.


Here is a Spot the Dog baking recipe to try πŸ™‚



Don’t forget your baking checklist! (See below)



Here is another Cosmic Kids Yoga –



Here is an excellent story to read with your children. This story focusses on saying goodbye!



Here are some excellent online learning websites to use with your child over the summer holidays. You can email me at any point with any questions:



Oxford Owl

Phonics Play


Have a wonderful summer and good luck in September:) Goodbye Nursery! x










Good morning everyone!

Hello Nursery! How are you? I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities! Start the morning by doing a video of funky fingers to warm up those hands. Get a blob of play-dough and follow the video to warm up your fingers!



  1. Today’s first activity is an online maths game – This game focusses on ordering and sequencing of numbers. Recap number digits 1-10 with your child using the number flash cards that we made. Have a go πŸ™‚




2. The next activity is a music and art activity. You will need paint, paper and access to music (through a speaker, tablet or smart phone). Put on a variation of songs or musical genres for your child. Discuss what the music is like and how it makes your child feel.

Paint what you hear

Tape some large pieces of paper to the floor and get the children to paint a giant picture while listening to some evocative music, and responding to the different sounds and moods that they hear.


3. Here is a Cosmic Kids Yoga πŸ™‚



4. Here is a lovely story for your child to watch πŸ™‚



Enjoy! Speak tomorrow for our last day of the summer term πŸ™‚




Hello Nursery!

Good morning Nursery! How are you all today? Do you think you could start the day by singing the rhyme we learnt the other day? Can you remember the letter sound that we learnt? Can you make the sound that letter makes? Do you think you could write it again?


  1. Today’s first activity is an online maths game – This game focusses on connecting numbers and dots together that match – Try 1-5 and then extend your child from 1-10. Have a go πŸ™‚




2. The next activity is a literacy-based activity. The activity focusses on creating rhyming pairs – such as, ‘mat’ and ‘bat’ etc. Draw pictures of different things that rhyme onto pieces of card. Then encourage your child to make pairs with the correct matching sets. This may be tricky for your child – Have a go!

Rhyming pairs

Make a matching rhymes game, by writing pairs of rhyming words on pieces of card, along with pictures (either drawn or cut out of magazines). This can be played either as a memory game (cards face down) or as a simple pairing game (cards face up).


3. Here is a recipe for alphabet biscuits – Try and make your child’s name or initial letter with this recipe! Include your child in all stages of the baking – Encourage new vocabulary and concepts throughout baking. Enjoy πŸ™‚





Here is another excellent story πŸ™‚




Enjoy today’s activities! Stay busy πŸ™‚




Good morning everyone!

Hi Nursery, how are you today? I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities! Start the morning by counting up and down the number line that we made a few weeks ago πŸ™‚


  1. Today’s first activity – This activity is a numeracy activity that builds your child’s understanding of time and measurement – Follow the instructions and suggestions within this document to begin this activity!



2. This next activity is a literacy-based activity – Choose a story that your child likes or is interested in and get started!

Story lucky dip

Put together a story bag, either using pictures drawn/stuck onto pieces of card, or small toys/objects from around the nursery. Get the children to pull them out one by one and use them as narrative props to make up their own stories. You can also create a story bag using a story that your child already knows. They can create the story and use the props to re-tellΒ the story together πŸ™‚


3. Here is a link to CEEBIES – This is an online number jigsaw for your child to try πŸ™‚




Here is an excellent Julia Donaldson story to share with your child πŸ™‚



Speak tomorrow everyone πŸ™‚




Good morning Nursery!

Hello Nursery! I hope you have had a good weekend? What did you do? What did you see? Did you go out for a walk or to the park? Start the morning by singing your favourite nursery rhyme – Can you remember all of the rhymes that we have learnt? Choose your favourite rhyme and sing it with your grown-up together with actions πŸ™‚


  1. Today’s first activity – Go for a walk along the seafront and see what you can see! What colour is the sea? What colour is the sand? Can you see any sea creatures or sand creatures? What can you smell? I would like you to collect 10 pebbles on the beach. Can you count them all? What happens to the number of pebbles if you find two more to add to your collection? How many have you got now? Test your child with different number combinations. See how many they can count and collect πŸ™‚


2. Today’s second activity I would like you to learn this nursery rhyme –

Sally sells seashells by the seashore.
She sells seashells on the seashell shore.
The seashells she sells are seashore shells,
Of that I’m sure.

During this rhyme, I would like you to focus on the pronunciation of the words throughout the rhyme. What sound can you hear in most of the words in this rhyme? Your child should be able to hear the ‘s’ sound. Make the ‘s’ sound with your child verbally – For an extra challenge write the ‘s’ with your child using the correct formation of the ‘s’. Repeat this until they are confident with what you have taught them πŸ™‚


3. The next activity is a physical game – All you will need is a large space and a balloon!


Keep the Balloon Up

Have your child use their hands or half of a pool noodle to keep a balloon afloat. How long can they keep the balloon off the ground?

Skills developed:Β volleying, striking


Here is a lovely story to share with your child πŸ™‚



Enjoy today’s activities! Speak tomorrow πŸ™‚




Happy Friday everyone!

Hello Nursery! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities and stayed busy all day! Can you remember any new facts about sea creatures from yesterday’s task? What sea creatures can you name? Do you have a favourite sea creature?


  1. Today’s first activity is an Expressive Arts & Design activity – I would like you to role play / recreate a shop at home! You can use food / tins / boxes etc. Create your own food labels / price tags and till. Encourage your child to use new vocabulary and prices during their play. Encourage confidence and questioning with your child throughout play πŸ™‚



2. The next activity is a fine motor activity – Follow the link to learn how to complete the task πŸ™‚




3. Here is an online maths activity to try with your child. This activity focusses on 2D shapes!




4. Here is another Cosmic Kids Yoga to explore. This video also focusses on mindfulness πŸ™‚



Here is another lovely story – This is a counting book πŸ™‚



Have a lovely weekend! Speak on Monday πŸ™‚






Hello everyone!

Good morning Nursery! How are you today? Start the morning by practising the gross motor skills we practiced yesterday. Hop, skip or jump to different numbers. Shout an action and number aloud and see if your child can choose the correct action and amounts to fit with your instruction – This will not only practice gross motor skills but also listening and attention πŸ™‚


  1. Today’s first activity is an online maths game – This game focusses on matching number digits to the correct amount of objects – Have a go πŸ™‚



2. For the next activity I would like you to explore underwater sea creatures! What sea creatures do you know? What do you think is the biggest sea creature? What do sea creatures need to survive? Talk to your children about this topic – Explore new ideas and concepts together! Here is a link for some ideas surrounding sea creatures πŸ™‚




3. The next activity is a rhyming activity – Learn this new rhyme with your child – Add in the actions and maybe props too – You could use your shoes!

Cobbler, cobbler

Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe,
Get it done by half past two.
Half past two is much too late!
Get it done by half past eight.


4. Here is a Cosmic Kids yoga –



Here is another great story πŸ™‚



Enjoy today’s activities πŸ™‚




Good morning Nursery!

Hello Nursery, how are you today? Start the morning by completing a supersavers online activity video – This will wake you up and get you moving. This video is a PSHE focus about making the right and wrong choices πŸ™‚



  1. Today’s first activity is an online maths game. This game focusses on number ordering – It helps children learn the order of numbers!Β https://www.tvokids.com/preschool/games/caterpillar-countΒ πŸ™‚


2. The next activity is a cooking activity. This activity practices making healthy snacks for children. They practice their cutting and food preparations skills. Focus on allowing children to safely learn how to chop and cut food independently – You can also encourage healthy eating habits through this activity. Enjoy πŸ™‚



3. The next activity is a physical gross motor activity – All you will need is some space and a pack paper plates – This activity practices on hopping, skipping and jumping skills πŸ™‚



Here is a great story πŸ™‚



Enjoy! Speak tomorrow πŸ™‚