Transition: Day 5

Friday is here! You only have today and Monday left of your primary school lives!

It is important, as you get ready to move on, that you remember what superstars you are SO I want you to use this star, or draw your own, and put your name in the middle. Then, in each of the points of the star, I want you to write something about you that makes you special and the star that you are.

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Transition: Day 4

For the final 2 days of transition we are going to think specifically about your new start at high school.


Today, I would like you to think about first impressions. How are they important? What influences a first impression? What kind of a first impression do you want to create with your teachers?


Then, create a plan of how you are going to do this.

Are you going to try and contribute carefully in your lessons? Or maybe you will wish them a good morning or afternoon as you enter the classroom? What about making sure that any homework in done to a high standard and on time?


You can produce your plan however you want: a poster, bullet points, a contract for yourself.

Perhaps you could put this up somewhere in your room to remind you of what you want to achieve.


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Transition: Day Three

Today, you are going to make something that you can have to help remind you how to be resilient.

Make a paper origami game with four numbers on the outside. Then either four or eight difficult feelings (for example alone, worried, jealous, tired) on the inside folded sections. Under each emotion (under the flaps) word put ideas for things to try to help with these emotions.



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Transition: Day Two

Have you all thought about what you would like to achieve whilst at high school?

As we have discussed before, goals take time, and the path is not always smooth. It is important to beĀ resilient.


Helpful or unhelpful thinking

Practice Activity




Transition: Day One

Hello All,


I can hardly believe that you have 1 week and 1 day left of your primary school careers and will then be getting ready to start the next step in your education.

Before setting your work for the week I just wanted to say how incredibly proud I am of each and every one of you. You have come to so far since I met you and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. You should be so proud of the things that you have achieved and make sure you aim high! It breaks my heart that I haven’t been able to help you through your last stages at St George’s in person. I hope that you are leaving with fond memories, and that when it is safe to do so, you will come back and visit so that myself and the other staff will be able to see you again!


This week, we are going to be thinking about the transition from primary to secondary school, and how you can help yourself achieve your goals.

Step one to that is setting yourself a goal, and planning how you could achieve that, remembering that you will face challenges and set-backs along the way but that with the right attitude and approach you can work through them.


Complete this, either by yourself, or even better have a chat with a family member or ring up a friend and do it together.


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Light: Day Five

Now we know what colour light is…how do we see colour?


Activity Sheet Isaac Newton Comprehension

Isaac Newtons Colour Experiments Fact Sheet

Seeing Colours


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Have a wonderful weekend!




Escher Day Five

Now you’ve practice some tesselations, you are ready to complete your own art work based on Escher’s work, and the mathematics of tesselations.

Get creative!

Here is something that can help get you started:

Escher’s tessellations



Don’t forget there are also the daily lessons on BBC. It would be good for you to try these each day.

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What a start!

Wow! What an excellent first half term we have had in Leopard Class. The children have certainly hit the ground running!

We have made our very own evolution board, showing the evolution of man; begun building our very own (small scale) Norman Castles, as inspired by William the Conqueror; written a song about Norman Kings; and even solved a murder!


I wonder what we will discover next half term…




World Book Day Y5 2019

We had a great day for World Book Day today; the children all had amazing costumes! We began the day with some reading, and then played a game similar to pictionary that made us think about the plots in different books. We also thought about what makes a good book cover and used it to design our own.

Our writing homework for this week is to write a blurb for our favourite book. Why not have a look at a few different blurbs to get some ideas?




Macbeth Success! Y5 2019

Wow! All the children did themselves proud today at St. George’s Theatre. They performed amazingly well, and even had some members of the audience in tears! If you saw it, I am sure you will agree with me that we definitely have some budding actors in year 5…


There is display in school with several photos from the event if you were unable to attend, or just want to be reminded of the children’s amazing achievement.