Nursery Day and Dec. 2017

We carried on our theme of mystery and magic with day and night focusing on night time. This included looking at the moon, stars, shadow work and nocturnal animals. We read stories such as owl babies, night monkey, day monkey and Whatever next. The children were excited by the dark and created light and shadows through the dark den.

Our mystery and magic continued into Christmas activities where we wrote letters to Santa, read stories about him and made Christmas decorations and cards. We had a nursery Christmas party where the children had a visit from the jolly fellow himself!!

Nursery staff would like to wish you a merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new yearfor our new topic of Fairytales.




Mystery and Magic!

This half term nursery’s topic has been mystery and magic. We started off with witches and wizards linked to Halloween and then read room on the broom.

From this we recalled the story through pictures and drama, made magic wands and carried out various counting activities




Divali Yellow Ted November 2017

We have been learning about the festival of lights Divali. The children dressed up in special clothes, made bracelets and rangoli patterns. The children made special Divali decorations and placed lights around the room ready for the special party we had. They had an opportunity to try many different foods and listen to some Divali music.




We love Funky Fingers ! Yellow Ted Oct. 2017

Yellow Ted have been learning Funky Fingers, it is a group of exercises and activities done to music which helps to improve the children’s fine motor skills and co-ordination. The children do this on a daily basis and particularly love to milk the cow and wash the car!