Autumn Term

This term we have been very busy.

We have had a zoom call with an interviewer in India. We learned how to ask open ended and probing questions. She also told us the importance of listening to the answers so we could ask follow up questions.

Our interviewing skills were used when we had a zoom call with an architect in Dubai. He told us how his job had changed due to the use of technology. We found out about blueprints and foundations (and why the Leaning Tower of Pisa leans). We asked some probing questions and some children were inspired to be architects in the future.

We had a webinar from the Houses of Parliament and were taught about parliament, MPs and how laws are made. We carried out our own debates. Some of us are very good at discussing and arguing a point, which led to the writing of persuasive letters.

Lots more exciting things are planned for next term.