Autumn Term learning

Good morning Bear Class.

I thought I would write you all a thank you message for all your hard work this half term. You have all worked extremely hard in class and you should be very proud of yourselves!

I would like it if you can continue your learning at home over Christmas and then tell me all about it when we come back to Nursery on the 4th January.

If you can all carry on practicing writing your names and holding your pencils using the tripod grip (parents we discussed this during parents evening) and maybe have a go at writing a thank-you letter to Santa for you presents.

Continue counting to 20 when washing your hands as we know that this helps to keep those nasty germs away and it also helps us embed our counting skills at the same time too.

Please remember that you’re all becoming more and more independent at putting your coats on and doing your zips up, so be sure to show your parents what super stars you are at doing this at home too!

Have a lovely Christmas.

Miss Thrower