At the moment we are unable to offer breakfast club and after school clubs. The reason for this is because these clubs would normally have a mixture of ages and children in them which would mix the class bubbles and therefore put everyone in danger. REMEMBER you should not be mixing the children out of school either and from Monday it is the law not to be in a group of more than 6 people indoors or outdoors!

Schools are not required to offer childcare beyond the school day but we choose to do this to support our parents who want to work.

We fully understand for working parents how difficult it is for you at the moment without these clubs if you do not have friends or family to provide the childcare for a longer day.

Please be assured we know you need this service to start again as soon as possible and we are working hard to try and find a solution for you as quickly as we can, but it will also depend on the level of Covid in the community too, as we will not resume this service if Covid starts to spike again as we will want to limit the amount of time that staff and children spend together.

Please try and make alternative arrangements for a few weeks and we will come back to you soon about this.