Welcome to Year 6

The Year 6 class is called Leopoards and is led by Mrs Eckles, supported by Miss Lynch.

(Mr Hearn also has a group of Year 6 children supported by Miss Meadows and Mrs Collins called the Giraffes, they have their own class page and curriculum map).

CLICK HERE for Y6 Curriculum Autumn 19 (Concept – CHANGE)




Here are your final challenges for this half term, and the spelling answers for yesterday.

Which challenge level are you choosing for the maths? If you find you are getting them all correct, why not try the next level up?

Correct Spelling Mistakes Answers

Year 6 Spring 1 Activity Mat 3





Staying safe online

While you are away from school, it is important to stay safe online. Here are some websites which are great at helping you remain safe while being online.





Another website which is great for staying safe while you’re away from school is the Childline website.


This is a great resource which I know some of you have accessed before!


Remember to keep safe.




Hello again everyone!

Hope you got on well with yesterday’s work. The answers were with them for you to have a look at when done.

Here are you next challenges.

As well as these, why not try some art over the next few days? Line up some paper by a window and put items by it to create a shadow. What shapes can you make in this way? Or you could try using the shadow of someone’s profile (face side on) to draw them? Have fun!

Correct Spelling Mistakes Questions

Step 4 – Extending Reading Skills

Year 6 Spring 1 Activity Mat 2




Here are the answers from Friday’s reading:

  1. Why does Granny think Mr Parker joined the neighbourhood watch programme? so that he could spy on his neighbours (he is very nosey)
  2. Why did Ben’s heart miss a beat? the doorbell rang and Ben was already on edge because someone had seen the jewels on the floor.
  3. Why did he not want Granny to answer the door? because the person would see all of the stolen jewels.
  4. ‘His eyes shone red like a demon’ – What is this an example of? a simile

Here are some reading, spellings and maths for you for today.

-ent, -ence and -ency Word Endings


Year 6 Spring 1 Activity Mat 1





End of week one everybody! How did you all get on with the challenges so far? It is great to see a lot of you have been using the online portal – keep checking it for updates!

Here is a new musical maths challenge for you! A lot of music is written in common time, which is 4 beats in a bar. This allows for lots of different rhythms depending on the length of the notes.

A semi-breve lasts 4 beats, a minim lasts 2, a crotchet lasts 1, a quaver lasts half a beat, and a semi-quaver lasts 1/4 of a beat.

How many different ways can you make up a bar (4 beats)?



Here is an extract of Gangsta Granny read by David Walliams.

  1. Why does Granny think Mr Parker joined the neighbourhood watch programme?
  2. Why did Ben’s heart miss a beat?
  3. Why did he not want Granny to answer the door?
  4. ‘His eyes shone red like a demon’ – What is this an example of?



Hello all!

How are you all getting along with the booklets that have been sent home? Don’t forget, the answers are posted on my previous comment ready for you.

Here is a new maths challenge for you: https://nrich.maths.org/32

You could draw it out, or use the interactive section at the bottom to help you. Tips and solutions can also be found on the page.

Also check your logins for your yellow books, as new spelling and maths challenges are being set.

Finally, I hope you are all keeping up your reading at home. Keep a log of this in your reading records (or if these are at school, your yellow books)  and use the notes section to summarise what has happened in the story each week.


I hope you are all keeping safe. Remember, the government guidelines say not to leave your house unless absolutely essential, or for daily exercise. If you are doing this, it should not be with anyone you do not live with.

Mrs Eckles





Read Write Inc. Online Phonic Lessons.

From Monday 23rd March, Read Write Inc. are scheduling phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home.
 There will be three short Speed Sound lessons with one of their talented trainers every day for the next two weeks.
Films will only be available at the times below:
Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm
Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm
Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm
To access these videos please join the Read, Write Inc. Facebook page or alternatively follow this link:
Note: films are streamed live and won’t be available at other time



Keep your brains engaged!

Hello year 6!

As it is now looking like there will be at least 12 weeks of no formal schooling for most of you, you are being sent home some packs of work for you to keep your brain ticking over. I will also be posting work on here for you after Easter, and using the online portal that you have on the front of your text books. It is so important you keep your brains ticking over the next few months – even though it might be tough!


Don’t forget there are also activities on espresso discovery and KS2 BBC bitesize.


If we aren’t able to come back to school before September, I have had a wonderful 2 years with you all and am incredibly proud of each and every one of you. Do come back and say hi in September if you can!


Mrs Eckles


Below are the answer sheets for the packs you have been sent home.

Maths Answer Booklet 2018

Reading Answer Booklet 2018

SPAG Answer Booklet 2018




It’s Chriiiissttmmaaasss!!!

Wow – what an end of term!


The children did amazingly well in their nativity performance, and even took to the stage at Minster and sang to a group of senior citizens locally, who all praised their behaviour, manners and singing.


In English, we read the poem ‘Night Before Christmas’ and used this to write our own narrative, which we then turned into books. See some of the photos below!


At the very end of term, we also had a Christmas Party – one of my personal favourite games was Human Christmas Tree. Enjoy some of our Christmas photos.


Merry Christmas Everyone!


Mrs Eckles




Year 6 Leopards Crucial Crew next Tuesday

Next Tuesday Year 6 (Leopards) will be joining other local schools and local emergency services to learn about safety and how to get help when needed. This event is called Crucial Crew and is especially supported by the Lifeboat service and Coastguard to ensure the children are made aware of water danger which is very relevant in Great Yarmouth.