Welcome to Year 6 2021-2022

The Year 6 class is called Wolves and is led by Miss Rhodes, supported by  Miss Fogden.

Our first concept is Perspective:

CLICK HERE for Year 6 Wolves Concept teaching map – Perspective

Our new concept starting January is Creation:

CLICK HERE for Year 6 Wolves Concept teaching map- Creation

Our new concept starting April is Health:

CLICK HERE for Year 6 Wolves Concept teaching map- Health






Friday 28th January

We’ve had a busy week in Year 6 as we have been doing mock SATs so the children know what to expect in May and they have shown excellent behaviour throughout, just as I expected.  We have also been learning about evolution and the scientific theories on where humans came from.  We discussed how science theories continue to develop over time.

Friday 21st January

This week we have looked at the geographical and scientific views of how our world was created and compared them to the religious views.  We learnt about continental drift and how this has shaped our planet into what we have today and how scientists believe in the Big Bang Theory of creation for our universe.  Most of our views in Year 6 are a combination of all these theories.




We have started our new concept of Creation by looking at the different religious beliefs on how our world was created and used this knowledge to write our own creation stories.  This led to deep discussions with the pupils asking questions such as ‘If God made the world, who made God?’ We started a new independent study unit based on ‘Where do I come from?’ which they will need to discuss with you.  We also had a visit from the Environment Agency who taught us about the dangers of flooding and what can be done to prevent it.




Creation concept

Central enquiry: What is more important: the process or the product?


  • To see themselves as creators
  • To understand the creation process
  • To appreciate the need for resilience in the creation process
  • To work collaboratively to develop and refine ideas in the creation process



17th December

We’ve had a busy week with visitors from UEA coming in school to see us, going to the pantomime and circus and have still found time to make Christmas crafts.  Enjoy the holiday.


10th December

Year 6 had a very successful trip to UEA this week where they demonstrated they already have the listening and learning skills needed to be a student.  We learnt about life as a student, took a tour of the campus to see what they have on offer and attended two lectures based on climate change.  Their behaviour was excellent and I was proud to be their teacher.


3rd December

Year 6 joined 9 other classes in a zoom event with an artist from Brazil on Wednesday.  We learnt about the issues affecting the Amazon and why it is so important that we protect it for the future.  We finished the day by creating art using natural resources to represent our spirit animals.


26th November

We are fully engaged with our class novel of Wonder and are now half-way through.  It has helped us develop our understanding of our concept as it is written from different perspectives and given us ideas for our writing.  ‘It is a brilliant book about different people saying what they’re going through in life’ Leila.  ‘Everyone’s special in their own way and it teaches you to keep trying and never give up’ Taio.


19th November

This week we have learnt about online safety from an online workshop with Norfolk Police as part of anti-bullying week in Year 6.  Many of us also went to UEA in Norwich to represent the school at an athletics tournament. The children had a fantastic time competing in field and track events against other Schools.


12th November

We had a visitor from UEA this week in Year 6 telling us what life is like in university before we go for a visit later this term.  It was interesting to see how we can extend our learning when we leave school.  In Concept we have been experimenting with manipulating light and how we can change what we can see.


5th November

In Year 6 we have been working independently on Pop Art with each of us exploring the topic in a way that interests us after creating our own art in the style of Andy Warhol based on our own images.  Our new project for independent study starts today based on Climate Change.


22nd October

This week we have been investigating how the English language has evolved over time and how closely it is linked to our country’s history.  The Romans brought latin to our country and we have been researching how many of our words have latin roots that can give us a clue to their meaning.  We have applied this knowledge to extend our vocabulary.


15th October

In Year 6, we have been looking through a suitcase of belongings from the Time and Tide trying to work out who it belongs to.  We used our detective skills and made inferences from what we found and worked out that it belonged to a missionary who was rescued from the Titanic.


8th October

This week in Year 6 we have had a very interesting discussion on what is normal?  We realised how advertising and social media can influence our perspective on what we think of as ‘normal’.  We laughed at how unrealistic the bodies of many children’s toys like Barbie are.


24th September

We have had a lively debate this week about what stereotyping is, how it happens and what impact it has on our lives. We discussed the need to value everyone’s opinion even if it is different to our own. There has also been lots of excitement now the High School open evenings have begun.


17th September

In Wolves as part of our work on our concept of ‘Perspective’ we have been looking at how we see ourselves and how others present themselves by looking at and creating self-portraits.  We learnt that you can tell a lot about a person from how they show themselves in art.  We have also been getting excited about the open evenings at the local High Schools that start next week.