Zoom School update

Good afternoon everyone!

Zoom School.

Please find the timings of each group below for our ‘zoom school’ which is starting tomorrow morning at 9:00am. What will happen is, you will join zoom at the times you will have received via a text from the school office. Once you have entered your ID and passcode it will take you to a waiting room where Miss Thrower or Mrs Pollard will then allow you into the classroom. Please remember that the class will not begin at 9:00am, these times have been set to allow yourselves and us time to get logged on to zoom and all be ready to begin our learning a few minutes later. I have planned for our lessons to last between 10-15 minutes depending on each subject. Please remind your children that our ‘zoom school’ is the same as School/Nursery so our Nursery rules apply.

Group Timings;

  1. Small Maths group – 9:00-9:25am
  2. Small Maths group – 9:30-9:55am
  3. Small English group – 10:05-10:30am
  4. Small English group – 10:35-10:55am
  5. Whole Class, Story & Singing – 11:00-11:20am
  6. Small Maths group – 12:30-12:50pm
  7. Small Maths group – 13:00-13:20pm
  8. Small English group – 13:30-13:50pm
  9. Small English group – 13:55-14:15pm

Instructions for logging into Zoom.

  1. Open your Internet Browser
  2. Go to join zoom.us
  3. Click on join meeting
  4. Enter meeting ID (you will be asked to launch meeting)
  5. Enter passcode
  6. Select connect audio
  7. Click on camera icon to activate the camera

If you are using a tablet or phone you can download the zoom app from the app store.

You can also use an X box or play station to access Zoom if no other devices are available.






What’s the day today?….

Hello Nursery children,

Can you sing our ‘Hello’ song to your family to find out what today is? Also, can you find a calendar in your home? If so, once you’ve sung our ‘Hello’ song could you find out what the date is too? Did you know that we’re now in a new month and year? See if you can find these out too. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed your first PE zoom school yesterday, I know I did. It was lovely to see your lovely faces – I miss you all lots!

For our topic today I would like you to create a Polar Bear, you have paper in your packs which you can use and if you have some craft materials in your home maybe you could use those too. Remember to email your Polar Bear pictures to the office as I, Mrs Pollard and Miss Whitmore really like seeing your work.

I have attached a picture of a Polar Bear hand-printing activity. You don’t have to do the same as this, it’s just to give you an idea. Use your imaginations and create your own Polar Bears, what materials will you use?… We can’t wait to see them! 🙂


Polar Bear Handprint Craft With Free Template

Challenge – What do Polar Bears like to eat? Once you have researched what they like to eat let me know whether they like the same food as us or not.

Yesterday I asked you to experiment and make your own ice,  I hope you enjoyed completing this challenge. Here are your questions;

What happened to the water you put inside the bowl, food bag or other item?

Did the water have to be put somewhere hot or cold? Can you remember what the appliance is called where you put the water?

What had happened to the water when you checked it?

Had it started to freeze?

What do we call frozen water?

What did the ice feel like, was it hot or cold?

Where else have you seen ice before and why would we see ice outside?

What happened to the ice once you had taken it out of the freezer?

Why do you think the ice started to melt after a while?


Today I would like you to practice counting orally (out loud) 1-3, 1-5, 1-10, 1-15, 1-20.  Grown-ups please don’t push your child if you can see them struggling to count past a certain number. If you focus on practicing to the number they can count up to for this week that would be great!


Please click on the link below which will take you to a sound activity. The idea of this video is for the children to hear the letters in the words being sounded out which we call ‘Fred Talking’. If you have older children who attend our school they’ll be able to explain to their siblings about ‘Fred Talking’ words. For now, I would like the children to be exposed to hearing words being ‘Fred Talked’ to them as this helps them through their learning journey at St Georges.


Challenge – What words can you make with these letters which make a sound?…

h-a-t, c-a-t, m-a-t, f-a-t

Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow when our ‘zoom school’ starts. 🙂

Miss Thrower & The Nursery Team






A new week means a new topic – Real Bears.

Good morning Nursery,

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend relaxing with your families. 🙂

As the title states we are starting a new topic this week; Real Bears! During the week you will be learning about Polar Bears, Pandas and Brown Bears.


Please watch the link I have added below;

All About Polar Bears for Kids: Polar Bears for Children – FreeSchool

Challenge – Who listened to the video?… Can you answer these questions?…

How many legs does a Polar Bear have?

What colour is the Polar Bears skin underneath it’s fur?

Does a Polar Bear like to live in a hot or cold country?

What can a Polar Bear do with it’s paws to help them walk across the ice?


In your ‘Learning Packs’ you will find a worksheet ‘Number Tracing’. I would like you to practice forming your numbers and holding your pencils correctly. There is a ‘Pencil Grip’ sheet in your packs too which will show your grown-up the way you should be holding your pencils. 🙂

Challenge – Once you have had a go at tracing the numbers, I would like you to try forming the numbers 1-3,  1-5 or 1-10 independently. Grown-ups please use your own initiative as to whether your child forms numbers 1-3, 1-5 or 1-10.


In your ‘Learning Packs’ you will find a worksheet ‘Worm Pencil Control’. I would like you to trace along the dotted lines as carefully and neatly as you can. This will help to develop your pencil control ready for forming your letters in your name and other words, as well as your numbers, shapes and lots more lovely things.


Can you find a small bowl, a food bag, ice tray or ice bag and make some ice for tomorrow?… Polar Bears live in the Arctic so I thought it would be fun if you made your own ice to explore like a Polar Bear does. 🙂 I will ask you some questions about the ice tomorrow for you to discuss with your families.

Challenge – How do you make ice? Can you find out and email me your findings, please. 🙂


Can you ask your grown-ups to set a one minute timer for you to jog on the spot, you can either do this indoors or outdoors. I would like you to do this three times, first; slowly, next; a little quicker and finally; really fast.

Challenge – See how you feel after each jog and what happens to your breathing and heart rate.  Why do you think this has happened?

Any work or challenges you complete we would love to see and read them! Please send all your hard work to the office; office@stgeorgesprimary.norfolk.sch.uk. Mrs Belletty or Miss Jordan will then forward you work onto Miss Thrower. 🙂

Keep up with all your hard work everyone – you’re all superstar’s and remember, it’s OK to make a mistake because we learn from them!

Stay safe

Miss Thrower & The Nursery Team




Funky Friday!

Yay it’s Friday!

Well done everybody for making it through your first week of home leaning – Phew! Give yourselves a BIG pat on the backs!

I’m sure you’ve all been working hard at home, I know your friends who have been at school have been.


Today is the last day of learning about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ so I would like you to role play (become the character’s from the story). Who will you chose to be? I’m going to be Goldilocks! My reason for this is; I would like to explore the Bears house and try their; chairs, beds and porridge! However, I think I would be scared if I was to come face-to-face with a Bear – especially a Daddy Bear as he is really BIG! Also, you must remember that we must never go into people’s homes without them inviting us in as this not making the right choice. You can ask you family to role-play the story with you. I wonder which character they will choose to be?


In your packs you will find a ‘Counting puzzle’ – Please follow the instructions as per sheet.

Challenge – Can you create your own counting puzzle? How many numbers high will you make your character?


In your packs you will find ‘Goldilocks trace words and colour’ sheets – Please follow the instructions as per sheet.

Challenge – What letters which makes sounds can you see? Can you see any letters from your name in the words?

Fine Motor Skills

In your packs you will find a cutting activity of the objects from the story. Can you try you very best to follow the lines to cut each object out and then follow the instructions as per the sheet. You can match the items to the characters you have been creating at home this week.


Mrs Pollard has sent me a picture of other children making ‘The Three Bears’ out of bread, Nutella/peanut butter and banana. She thought that you may all like to have a try at making this at home too! I have attached a link for you all to see. Quick Teddy Bear Toast Snack for Kids  homeschoolpreschool.net

Next week our new topic will be Real Bears.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

See you Monday. Miss Thrower & The Nursery Team





Sorry boys and girls,

Sadly we seem to be having trouble uploading the video, Mrs Pollard recorded of me reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We are currently working on trying to record the story in two parts and upload them separately to the website. So hopefully by lunchtime you will be able to see me reading you a story!

For now, if you can complete the other learning tasks I have set.

Thank you 🙂

Miss Thrower




Thankful Thursday.

Good morning one and all!

Let’s count – hide your fingers, ready!… 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10,10,magic 10!

Right, now that’s woken us up let’s talk topic. 🙂

I have uploaded a video of me reading the topic story to you all. I have asked you a question at the end of the video. Please discuss this with your family and draw a picture of your thoughts.


In your packs you will find a ‘Goldilocks colour, count and trace’ sheet. Please follow the instructions as per sheet. Challenge – Can you have a go at forming you own numerals 1-5.


In your packs you will find ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears story order’ sheet. Please follow instructions as per sheet.

Challenge – With the resources you have been creating this week, can you sequence the story using these?


Have you tried porridge?…. If so, I hope like it! If you haven’t now is the perfect time for you to try it. Here is a recipe for you to follow – https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/perfect-porridge

Remember to listen to your grown-ups whilst making your porridge as you will need to cook it.

Carry on keeping yourselves safe.

Miss Thrower & The Nursery Team




Lockdown Birthday’s!

We would like to wish all our friends who have had a birthday recently a VERY Happy Birthday!

We hope you all had lovely birthday’s and enjoyed your special day.

From all you friends and adults in Bear Class




Woohoo – It’s Wednesday!

Hello, hello, it’s good to see you –  Good morning my little lovelies!

I hope you’re all keeping yourselves busy at home and making sure you’re all staying safe!

I’m hoping you have been and collected your packs from the main office as this will help with some of your learning today.


I would like you to learn the Goldilocks song;

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears,
Oh what did her two eyes see?
A bowl that was huge,
A bowl that was small,
A bowl that was tiny and that was all,
She counted them: one, two, three.

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears,
Oh what did her two eyes see?
A chair that was huge,
A chair that was small,
A chair that was tiny and that was all,
She counted them: one, two, three.

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears,
Oh what did her two eyes see?
A bed that was huge,
A bed that was small,
A bed that was tiny and that was all,
She counted them: one, two, three.

When Goldilocks ran from the house of the bears,
Oh what did her two eyes see?
A bear that was huge,
A bear that was small,
A bear that was tiny and that was all,
They growled at her: grr, grr, grr!

Story recall challenge for our story this week;

What did Goldilocks do when she went upstairs in the Bears house?

What happened to one of the chairs?

Where did the Bears go?


I have uploaded a picture of three bears who live at my home and have placed them in order of size.

Can you tell your grown-ups what order of size I have placed them in? Can you put your bears in order of size too? Remember to use our ‘wow’ words; big, biggest, medium, middle size, small, smallest.



Today I would like you to develop your fine motor skills. Holding your pencil  using the tripod pencil grip, follow the outline of the shapes remembering to not take your pencil off until you’ve either joined the shape together or come to the end of the line. Grown-ups, this is an example for you to copy for the children to then use. If you draw them in  yellow felt tip the children will be used to this as it’s how we expose them to this in class. You will also find sheets within the learning packs for this activity.

Find your favourite book to read with your family. Once your grown-up has read the story to you ask them what they liked about the story, see if they liked the same parts as you did.


Goldilocks liked to skip when she was out walking through the woods, I challenge you to skip in your gardens, bedrooms, hallways, front rooms or whilst out for your daily exercise. See how many skips you can do in 1 minute, ask your grown-ups to time you!

Happy learning!

Miss Thrower & The Nursery Team





Learning Packs

Hello everyone,

Just to advise you all that you’re Learning Packs are ready for you to collect from the main office.  I have added a text book to the packs this morning after Mr Johnson made his announcement last night. Please don’t use these to freely draw in these are for you to use for certain learning tasks I will set you throughout your ‘Home learning’.

Parents, if you can write your child’s name on the front of the books and then ask them to have a go at writing their names themselves underneath – That would be great!

I would like these books to be returned to Nursery when we return after the February half term, so please keep them safe along with the Learning packs. Which as I have said previously –  ‘We will refer to them throughout this time’.

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

Miss Thrower.




Spring 1 – Week 1 – Tuesday

Good morning Bear Class,

I hope you’ve all had a goodnight’s sleep and are ready for another day of ‘Home Learning’.

For our Topic; Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I would like you to recall the story to your grown-ups.

Challenge can you answer these questions?

What are the character’s names?

How many bears are there in the story?

What food did the bears have in their bowls?

I’ll ask you three more questions about the story tomorrow.  🙂



Play a name recognition game with your grown-ups. Practice writing the letters which make a sound in your name and your grown-ups names, then place them all on the floor and someone has to take a name away and you have to see if you can recognise who’s name has gone. Grown-ups the idea is for the children to build up recognition of their own name.


Can you find some different sized objects in your homes and put them in order of size; tallest to shortest. You could use; dolls, action figures, spaghetti, shoe laces, cutlery (spoons). What other objects can you find to put in order of size?

Yesterday I asked you to find out who is the tallest to shortest in your households. Today I would like you to measure those people using your feet. Count how many feet long the tallest, medium and shortest person is in your household.

Fine Motor Skills

Children can re-thread the shoe laces they have used for their maths activity to help develop their hand eye co-ordination skills.


Yesterday you drew a picture of Goldilocks, today I would like you to draw a picture of the Three Bears. You must remember Daddy Bear is big; biggest, tall, tallest, Mummy Bear is; medium, middle size and Baby Bear is; small, smallest, tiny, little. So when you draw them they need to be different sizes and Bears are usually Brown in colour. I have added a link with a picture for you to look at whilst drawing your own Three Bears; https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.teacherspayteachers.com%2FProduct%2FGoldilocks-and-the-Three-Bears-Clip-Art-By-Busy-Bee-Clip-Art-1328069&psig=AOvVaw0pH_6Wpxl5-c4LDeE-LkPV&ust=1609887545481000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CLkBEK-JA2oXChMI0K-w7LCD7gIVAAAAAB0AAAAAEAM


Today’s physical challenge is to count how many times you can hop on one leg! Can you see how many your grown-ups & family can do too. Who can do the most?

Stay safe everyone.

Miss Thrower, Mrs Pollard & Miss Whitmore