Welcome to Year 3 2020-21

Welcome to the Year 3 class page.

The Year 3 class Teacher is Miss Hendley and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Richardson.

The Year 3 class is called Tigers.

CLICK HERE for Y3 Curriculum Map Autumn 20 (Concept – DEVELOPMENT)




Welcome to Tiger Class

Welcome to a new school year and Tiger Class.

I look forward to working with you all this year. Take a look at the Tiger Class Newsletter to find out the most important information to remember about year 3.

I will be setting spellings to learn each week. You will have a sheet and I will post them on here too. Here are this week’s spellings: Spellings Fri 10.9.21





Welcome back Tigers! Happy New Year!

We are at the very beginning of a whole new year… 2021! At the start of a New Year, lots of people choose to make New Year Resolutions. This is a personal goal or development that we are promising to make for the New Year. Look at the New Year Resolutions PowerPoint and have a go at writing your own resolution. New Year Resolutions

Carefully read the Food Chain text. After you have read the text, have a go at answering the questions. You will find all of the answers in the text! Just like we do in class, carefully read each question and underline the important words. After you have done this, look back through the text to find the key words. Once you have found the key words reread the paragraph to find the answer. Remember to answer your questions in full sentences! Food chain reading

Last term we looked at using the column method to solve addition and subtraction questions in maths. Today we are looking at how to use the ‘inverse’ to check that our calculations are correct. Inverse operations are opposite operations that reverse the calculation. So the inverse (or the opposite) of addition is subtraction which means that the inverse of subtraction is addition.  Have a look at the maths challenges. Use the column method to solve the questions and then use the inverse (opposite) to check your answer is correct. Maths challenges – inverse addition and subtraction




Autumn term

Hello Tigers,

What a busy and wonderful first term we have had together! I have been super impressed with all of your hard work and excitement to learning towards our concept of ‘Development’.

This term we have studied the Victorian time period and have had the opportunity to zoom call a Victorian lady. This inspired us to write letters to Miss Clare to find out more about life as a Victorian to which we had a very exciting reply! We have also looked at the developments in Great Yarmouth’s history such as the seafront, fishing industry and the Circus. We have also looked at the structure and design of different bridges across the world and have investigated the cause of the Suspension Bridge Disaster in Great Yarmouth.

Next term we will continue with our concept of development looking at the Stone Age.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Miss Hendley