Welcome to Reception 2019-20

Reception children are known as Chipmunks Class.

We look forward to the children joining us and making an excellent start to their school lives.

The Reception Class Staff are:

Teacher/s:                    Miss Holland (Monday to Wednesday) Mrs Risby (Thurday & Friday)

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Sault & Miss Thornton.

Support Assistant:      Miss Kerrison

CLICK HERE for Reception Curriculum Map 2019-20






Hello again everyone,

I’ve just found out about an appeal for NHS Nightingale. They are asking for children to create pictures to decorate the hospital. I know that you are all fantastic at drawing so thought you might like to do this.

The pictures have to be on A4 paper so that they can be laminated for infection control.

Your pictures need to be sent to;


Rainbows for Nightingale

59 Sutherland Grove


SW18 5QP





Hi everybody,

Today is officially the last day of term before the Easter holidays. It would be advisable to continue with your learning over the holiday period – something that I would ask your grown ups to do with you anyway – but I will not be posting daily on the website as I have done up until now.

I thought it would be fun if you could have a look at different zoo websites today. Lots of the zoos are doing virtual tours and have cameras set up to allow you to see what different animals get up to. Some you could try are Colchester zoo, Marwell zoo, Edinburgh zoo and Dublin zoo.

Daily challenge 1.4.20 – Can you say the tongue twister “she sells sea shells on the sea shore” really quickly?




Staying safe online

While you are away from school, it is important to stay safe online. Here are some websites which are great at helping you remain safe while being online.





Another website which is great for staying safe while you’re away from school is the Childline website.


This is a great resource which I know some of you have accessed before!


Remember to keep safe.





Hello everyone,

On top of your daily target work today I want to see if you can remember how to be ‘super mathematicians’ and remember one of the maths secrets we have learnt when thinking about adding and taking away. Can you answer the following questions?

6 + 0 =

0 + 12 =

8 – 0 =

24 + 0 =

36 – 0 =

125 + 0 =

0 + 79 =

50 – 0 =

19 – 0 =

Daily challenge 31.3.20 – How many times can you stand up straight and touch your toes in one minute?






Good morning Chipmunks.  I hope you had a healthy and happy weekend.

Please remember to work hard on the reading, writing, counting and calculating targets you have been given – working on them little and often will help you achieve them.

Today I would like you to have a go at some memory games. The website below is free and has lots to choose from:


Daily challenge 30.3.20 – Help your grown up to make lunch and/or tea this evening.





Hello everyone.

I hope you are all safe and behaving well at home. Remember it is important to have kind hands and use kind words at home as well as in school.

For todays extra activity I would like you to write a thank you letter for all the doctors and nurses who are helping people who are poorly at the moment. You could draw pictures and decorate the letter too. Once it is finished maybe your grown up could post a picture of it on social media and real doctors and nurses might get to see it.

Don’t forget to work on your reading, writing, counting and calculating targets.

Daily challenge 27.3.20 – ask your grown up to play your favourite song as loud as they can, and dance together!





Hope you’ve had the chance to try yesterdays challenge.

These are my answers:

a = anaconda (snake), b = bat, c = crow, d = donkey, e = eel, f = frog, g = goat, h = horse, i = iguana, j = jaguar, k = koala, l = lemur,                    m = mouse, n = newt, o = orangutan (monkey), p = parrot, q = quail (bird), r = rooster, s = sloth, t = turtle, u = umbrella bird,                             v = vole, w = walrus, x = x-ray fish, y = yak, z = zebra






Good morning Chipmunks. I hope you are all healthy and happy.

I wanted to remind you how important reading, sharing stories and discussing books with your grown ups is.

I’m sure by now you would have read the books that were in your book bag. I have a website that is aimed to help children of all ages read and it is completely free. It contains 6,000 digital books, so I am sure you will find lots that you like. Please have a look today 🙂


I will leave it until this afternoon to let you know how I did in yesterdays daily challenge – it will give you a little longer to work on this.

Daily challenge 26.3.20 – Draw/paint a rainbow picture to put up in your window. People across the country are doing this for others to spot when they are taking their daily exercise. 





Hi all,

Todays post is late in the day as I have been at school working with the children of some of our fabulous parents performing key worker roles.

How did yesterdays challenge go? I managed 134 jumps!! Did you beat that?

To support counting targets there are some super videos that children can join in with, vocally and physically. We have looked at some of these in class and the children love joining in with them. They also all have their favourites. To access them type counting in 10’s or counting in 5’s into your search engine and then select the video option from the search results. Your child can then choose their favourite/s.

I hope work from your packs is going well. Just to confirm; the packs were bought home from school by your child Tuesday 17th March. If your child was not in on that day and returned to school later in the week they took them home on the day they returned. If your child was not in school at all after 17th March the packs were delivered to your homes Friday 20th or Monday 23rd March. The packs were in red cardboard folders. All packs contained an exercise book and pencil and individual activities for Reading, Writing, Counting and Calculating.

Daily challenge 25.3.20 – Can you name an animal for every letter of the alphabet? (E.G. a = ant, b = baboon)




Hello everyone. I hope you are all keeping safe and are in good health.

You should by now all have received a pack that contains personalised reading, writing, counting and calculating targets. (The last few were delivered yesterday if your child did not receive it from school last week). I hope that you have spent some time exploring the games, resources and activities.

To keep your child engaged and focussed on the tasks I suggest that you spend no longer than 20 minutes on any one activity at a time. Once 20 minutes work has been achieved make sure your child has a physical break from what you are doing – perhaps helping with the washing/drying up, fetching something from upstairs etc.

At a minimum 20 minutes should be spent on reading, 20 minutes on writing, 20 minutes on counting and 20 minutes on calculating per day.

Hopefully you will have seen the post about the online Read, Write, Inc speed sounds lessons available for you to access – I recommend that you try to do this on a daily basis also.

As each day passes that we are not in school I will be adding daily challenges and additional activities/tasks that will support learning.

I am already missing the children immensely and will be doing as much as I can to support their learning through the website posts.

Daily challenge 24.3.20 –  How many times can you jump up and down on the spot for 1 minute?