Welcome to Year 1 2020-21

Year 1 children are known as Koalas Class.

We welcome the children back and into Key Stage 1.

The Year 1 Class Staff are:

Teacher:                         Miss Coles

Teaching Assistants:   Miss Catchpole

CLICK HERE for Y1 Curriculum Autumn 20 (Concept – CHANGE)





Welcome back! Happy New year! As you may have noticed, the year has changed and we are now in 2021. At the start of a new year, lots of people choose to make New Year Resolutions. This is a change we are promising to make. Look at the New Year Resolution document and write your own resolution. New Year’s Resolutions

We have learnt about 3D shapes before so I would like you to sort the 3D shapes so that all the ones that are the same are together, hopefully you can name them too! Take a look at this video to remind you about some of the different 3D shapes: The 3D shape song – KS1 Maths – BBC Bitesize T-N-1105A-3D-Shape-Sorting-Activity-A4-Version

We are going to be looking at the weather and observing how it changes this half term. As part of this, we are going to try and record the temperature. See if you can follow the instructions to make a thermometer box or, if you don’t have the materials, design your own. Thermometer box

Hope you are all safe and well, Miss Coles




Looking forward to next term

I’m very excited about the learning we are going to be doing next term. We will be continuing with our concept of change. We are going to be looking more at how the weather changes and we are also going to be making an exciting change to the school!




Look what we’ve been learning this term!

Our concept is Change and we have been learning about lots of different changes. We have been thinking about if they impact us.

One of the first changes we identified was the change in the weather and the seasons from Summer to Autumn. We created our own pictures showing how the leaves change as we get to autumn.

We learnt about some changes that are very important as they impact us greatly, such as changes in nursing. We decided this was particularly important at the moment! We had some very special ‘visitors’ from the past – Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale who told us about nursing in their time and we were very lucky to have a video from a present day nurse who told us all about nursing today.

At the beginning of November, we learnt about some important historical events that we remember every year. This included Bonfire night and Remembrance day.

We also learnt a bit about some changes in Great Yarmouth and learnt about human and physical features.




Merry Christmas!

We have had lots of fun learning lots of new things this term.

We were very lucky to have a very special visitor today, Father Christmas himself!

It’s very important to keep practicing reading and writing as much as possible over the Christmas holidays, perhaps you could write a list of any presents you receive.

I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing and safe Christmas!

See you all in the new year.

Miss Coles




Spellings 4.12.20

New Spellings for this week:

  1. where
  2. love
  3. come
  4. some
  5. one

Make sure you read them and write them!




Spellings 27.11.20

Hi all,

I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to change books as regularly this week. We will try to be better next week. Our aim is to change them on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so it would be really useful for you to bring in book bags in on these days.

Your spellings for this week are:

  1. so
  2. by
  3. my
  4. here
  5. there

Please learn to read and write them. Remember, the more you do it, the easier it will be!




Spellings 20.11.20

I have been impressed to see you have been learning your spellings, keep up the hard work!

Here are your spellings for this week:

  1. me
  2. she
  3. we
  4. no
  5. go

Remember to write them and read them.




Spellings 13.11.20

Here are your new spellings this week:

  1. has
  2. your
  3. they
  4. be
  5. he

Remember to learn to read and spell them. You might find it helpful to copy the words, cover them up and try and write them again. The more times you do this, the easier they should be to spell.




Spellings 6.11.20

Well done if you have been learning your spellings each week!

Here are the words for this week:

  1. was
  2. is
  3. his
  4. I
  5. you

Please practise saying and writing them at home ready for next Friday.

Remember to keep reading too!




Spellings 23.10.20

Some of you did really well with your spellings this week! Great work!

Here are some new spellings to learn.

Grown ups, please practice reading and spelling the words.

  1. of
  2. said
  3. says
  4. are
  5. were

Have a fun and safe half term!