Year 5 visit to the Time and Tide Museum

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Time and Tide Museum on Friday 26th November.  The lives of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were brought to life by the staff at the Museum and greatly supported the learning of the pupils.  The experience enabled them to engage with the activities of: archaeology where they used a metal detector and debated the value of finds; creating a settlement by deciding what to take on a voyage (and becoming a ship!); brooch making using symbols; how weapons were utilised to support successful campaigns;  and taking part in the story of St. Edmund.




24th April 2019 Growing Nursery

This Half term we have been growing various types of plants.

Here are some of the things we have been growing.


sunflowers                                 strawberries                cress



Tomato                                          sweet peas

We read Oliver’s Vegetables  and Oliver’s fruit salad. We enjoyed making and tasting Vegetable soup Fruit salad.



 Here is a graph of our favourite fruits.

The children have been very interested in snails in the garden. We have learnt lots of fascinating  facts.






Performance Poetry Y3 2019

We have been learning all about performance poetry and writing our own poems.

Today, poet Paul Cookson visited the school. He performed some fantastic poems with us and we began writing our own poem about the Stone Age with him. We then finished writing it as a whole class after.

Please read our fantastic poem! We are very proud of our amazing work.

We are the Stone Age




Super Heroes Nursey 2019

For the past 2 weeks nursery have been superheroes. We made our own costumes, capes and masks and we learnt what we need to be a good superhero.


we read the story super potato and made our own.

The Evil peas took over classroom and stole our superhero toys.

We had to defeat them by using our extra strong muscles and completing the assault course mission.

                                                                                                                 The mission was accomplished and we saved our toys.


       Hooray ! 

We tasted peas and learnt that they are good for us and make us big and strong.





World Book Day Y6 2019

Many of us chose to come dressed as characters from the books we’ve been reading in class.




Maths geniuses Y6 2019

We have been making our own maths games in groups based on a topic we have been learning, then sharing with others.




World Book Day Y5 2019

We had a great day for World Book Day today; the children all had amazing costumes! We began the day with some reading, and then played a game similar to pictionary that made us think about the plots in different books. We also thought about what makes a good book cover and used it to design our own.

Our writing homework for this week is to write a blurb for our favourite book. Why not have a look at a few different blurbs to get some ideas?




St Georges Book Day. Nursery 2019

We were joined  in Nursery today by some book characters for book day. We had little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks , Cinderella , Pirates , Stickman and Rapunzel to name a few.


You can read anywhere!







Pancake day. Nursery 2019

         We had a Flipping time!




Exciting experiences at the Tollhouse Y6 2019

We had an excellent time at the Tollhouse today and got to go in the areas the public don’t normally see.  We played the part of inspectors there to visit the Victorian gaol and see how the prisoners were treated; it was not somewhere we would want to stay.