Welcome to Year 5

Miss Rhodes leads Year 5.

The class is called Wolves and is supported by Mrs Richardson & Miss Fogden.

(Mr Hearn also leads a group of Year 5 supported by Miss Meadows and Mrs Collins this group is called the Giraffes and has their own class page and curriculum map).

CLICK HERE for Year 5 Curriculum Autumn 19 (Concept – CHRONOLOGY)





Day 7 answers

English answers:

One star pack:

Two star packs:

Three star packs:





Day 6 answers

English powerpoint questions:

  1. The other players were busy in the real world and not playing online.
  2. Perian is Katka’s second in command, her deputy.  She is also her friend online.
  3. She is getting annoyed with her sister.  She tries to block out the sound of her sister talking so she’s not distracted.  I know she’s annoyed as she ‘barked’ at her sister and ‘flung’ her headset off.
  4. Vast wooden walls, mismatched windows and 3 twisted towers.  It is ugly.
  5. Xandon is Jaden’s online character.  He is in the Gutvines guild.

Maths: Now it’s starting to get a bit tricky as I don’t have a copy of the work you have as due to my asthma I can’t go into school to collect a copy of your packs.  I remember that I got a bit muddled when putting together these questions and may have put some in the wrong order, so apologies if these answers don’t match your questions.  Check the question numbers.

One star pack answers:

3. 86 children

4. 157 minutes.

3. 11 gems

4. stone = 4

3. 2/3

4. a)2 hours and 30 minutes or 150 minutes      b) Jaden

Two star pack answers:

3. 991 gems

4. 1397 minutes

3. 72 players online

4. 12 gems each

3. 2.4 hours

4. Katka= 69%   Jaden 68%    Perian 66%   a) Katka raids the most      b) Perian spends the least amount of time.




Staying safe online

While you are away from school, it is important to stay safe online. Here are some websites which are great at helping you remain safe while being online.





Another website which is great for staying safe while you’re away from school is the Childline website.


This is a great resource which I know some of you have accessed before!


Remember to keep safe.





Hello Caitlyn, glad you’ve joined us!




Day 7

English- You have the comprehension questions based on Chapters 1 to 3 on sheets.

Maths- You have the same fraction, percentage, decimals sheet you had last week because this is the same knowledge we keep coming back to as it contains facts you’ll be expected to remember and use even when you get to your GCSEs.  Can you now complete it quicker or more accurately?




Day 6

Well it’s the second week of working at home and hopefully you’re not too bored.  I know you really want to go to the park and play with your mates but you need to stay indoors and safe at this time.  I know lots of you have each other’s gamertags for playstation and xbox and will be chatting online so remember to be kind to each other.  Never say anything online you wouldn’t say to someone in person.  If there’s anything worrying you, you can always contact Childline on 0800 1111or contact them online at Childline.org.uk for free.

English- Today you need to read Chapter 3 of Raider’s Peril and answer the powerpoint questions.

Maths- You have the second lot of questions based on the text to answer.

Extra work for this week are the Strongholds sheet and locating English cities for Geography.




Edshed- Saturday

Welcome to Edshed Kacper!




Weekend work

Yes, I’m setting you a challenge for the weekends too!  As you are growing up I will be setting you tasks to become more independent.

This week I’d like you to make sure you know how to tie shoelaces.  If you don’t have any shoes with laces you could always borrow an adult’s!




Weekly work answers 1


  1. Post box
  2. Hospital
  3. Airport
  4. Fire station
  5. Police station
  6. Go one square South-west
  7. Go four squares north-east.



Day 5 answers

Spelling test words: official, special, artificial, partial, confidential, essential, initial, financial, commercial, provincial.  Check them carefully.


Jaden is trying to provoke a reaction from Katka.  How should she react?  Katka should think about the consequences of her actions and just because someone else is acting childishly doesn’t mean that she should.  He is just doing it for attention.

Why did Mrs Gorman ignore Jaden when he put his hand up?  She probably thought he was going to say something silly as that is how he normally acts in class.  She is probably frustrated by his ongoing disruptive behaviour.

Why was she surprised when he gave the right answer? As normally he doesn’t try with his work and doesn’t give sensible answers.  She has asked a question she thinks is hard and you can tell she doesn’t expect anyone to know the answer. (This is similar to a question from yesterday)

Maths arithmetic test:  The answers and workings are shown here

(page 1)    (page 2)

Otherwise the answers are:

  1. 9
  2. 28
  3. 749
  4. 9050
  5. 6/5 or equivalent
  6. 0.27
  7. 72
  8. 1 and 3/6 or equivalent
  9. 7/16
  10. 26
  11. 2/20 or equivalent
  12. 600