Welcome to Year 5

This year there are two teaching groups in Year 5

Miss Cushing leads Lynx class (Mrs Eckles leads Leopards class – see their separate class page)

Lynx class is supported by Miss Butt.

CLICK HERE for Year 5 Curriculum Autumn 20 (Concept- Discovery)





Tuesday 5th January

Today our work can be found on google classrooms.  You need to sign in to google in the top right hand corner of the page using your school email address which has been texted to your parents.

Once logged in you can either go through your email and click on the invite I sent you to access google classrooms or click on the 9 dots in a square in the top right corner and choose google classrooms from there.

You need to join me using the zoom link texted to your parents at 9:30 for the register and to discuss what we will be doing that day.  We will then discuss the times during the day we will be meeting again.

When joining zoom you will be put in a ‘waiting room’ until I let you join the meeting- please be patient!  You don’t need to download zoom to use.  Click on the link and then in little blue writing it will say ‘join with browser’, if you click on that you can join instead of downloading.




Monday 4th January

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a happy time at Christmas and I want to thank you for all your hard work last term, as well as making it such fun in the classroom.  I have put some work on for today and look forward to seeing how you get on with it.

Mrs Cushing


Our new concept is ‘Power’.  Think about what power might mean? What could we be learning about?


Please write these out three times each and use in a sentence. Make your sentence interesting and extend using conjunctions.










Can you remember the rule for rounding?

5 or more, let it soar; 4 or less, let it rest.


5 to 9 climb the vine; 0 to 4, slide to the floor!

We have to apply this rule using place value, depending on whether we are rounding to 10, 100, 1000 or higher.


Challenge 1

  1. Round 15360 to the nearest 100

If rounding to 100, will we round 60 down to 15300 or up to 15400?

  1. Round 572651 to the nearest 100
  2. Round 15817 to the nearest 1000
  3. Round 169542 to the nearest 1000
  4. Round 476700 to the nearest 1000


Challenge 2

  1. Round 37895 to the nearest 10000
  2. Round 63742 to the nearest 10000
  3. Round 96280 to the nearest 10000
  4. Round 209000 to the nearest 10000
  5. Round 672590 to the nearest 10000


Challenge 3

  1. Round 154071 to the nearest 100000
  2. Round 380138 to the nearest 100000
  3. Round 561302 to the nearest 100000
  4. Round 647926 to the nearest 100000
  5. Round 935295 to the nearest 100000


Reading and Writing

Over Christmas, I was watching a film which had Jack and the Beanstalk in it.  When I saw this, I thought it could make an exciting story, full of expanded noun phrases and don’t forget those fronted adverbials!

Read the story starter below and then work through the sheets: answering the questions using your imagination, using a colon to make a list, and then finish the story.  The questions will help to give you ideas.  Imagine taking them for a walk!










Autumn Term

We have had a busy term under our concept of ‘Discovery’, studying how evidence changes what we know about the past. We have learned about the Maya, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, looking at their settlements and lives.  In Science, we investigated bubbles and whether they are always spherical, along with Leonardo da Vinci and air and water resistance using his designs.  We also studied the planets.

Have a happy Christmas and see you next year!

Mrs Cushing




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