Did someone say Bear hunt?….

Hello and good morning to one and all!

I have you’ve all had a lovely weekend relaxing and have been able to get outside in the fresh air at some point over the weekend.

I’m hoping we will see some more familiar faces join our ‘Zoom School’ this week as it really was lovely to see all you smiley faces last week. What I really liked is how you all have retained lots of our learning from last term so I would like to a say very BIG well done to each and every one of you!

This week Mrs Pollard and I will be zooming from the classroom and I believe at some points last week there were some technical issues. If any of these happen to arise for us this week we will try are upmost to get in contact with yourselves ASAP before each Zoom lesson.

For part of our Bear topic the grown-ups have decided for this week our focus story book will be ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt!’ which we will read today at our story time – 11:05am


This week for maths we will be focusing on Positional Language as it links in well with our story ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’. Today I would like you chose your favourite bear and and going around your home placing them ‘on’ a chair, bed, table, worktop, cupborad, unit, floor, stairs. See if you can find some other places you can place your bear ‘on’.



Following on from you maths activity, can you put some of what you have done with your bear into a sentence?

Here’s the sentenced I have made – “I bounced my bear on the floor.”

This is the sentence Mrs Pollard made – “I bounced my bear on the bed.”

Challenge – I would like you to make four sentences making sure you have the word ‘on’ in them. 🙂


For today’s physical exercise I thought it would be for you to show your family how you do Yoga. This something we do in Nursery and the children really enjoy it and it’s a good form of exercise for them too. I have attached a link for you to follow – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=yoga+we%27re+going+on+a+bear+hunt+

We hope you all enjoyed the snow this weekend!

See you all at zoom school. 🙂

Miss Thrower