After problems logging on I have finally managed to see your EdShed scores.

Spellings – well done to Taio, Ethan, Lena, Myriam, Gabriel and Lilea who have all been on the site. Special mention to Kajus, Mantas, Evie and Alfie who are in the top 10 for the school. And a huge well done to Daniel who is currently 2nd in the school!

Maths – Rita, Myriam, Lilea, Taio, Ethan, Layla, Fayha, Alfie, Gabriel and Evie have been on the site. Well done to Kajus and Mantas who are both in the top 10 and a huge congratulations to Daniel who is currently top in the school!!!!

Lions are currently the second class in spellings and the top class in Maths.

Keep it up everyone!


Miss P x