Egg-celent Eggs-periment

Today Leopard class enjoyed an Easter activity that combined Science skills with DT, Maths and PSHE.

The children were put into random groups and given the challenge to design something that would protect an egg from a fall.

Before we could do this we needed to discuss why it was that eggs break when they fall. Many of us thought that this was because eggs are fragile. In fact, an egg shell is strong! Miss Starling held an egg in her fist and squeezed but the egg did not break! We found that this was because the force applied to the egg was evenly distributed. For a chick to get out of an egg, they have to put the force on on small bit to crack it. This is was happens when an eggs fall, and therefore why it breaks.


Having discovered this, the designing and building stage was under-way! Every group that tested their design found that their egg was undamaged after the fall, as they were able to even distribute the impact of the fall. Well done everyone!


It was a fun day with lots of skills applied and as many egg puns used a we possibly could.