English and Maths 23.4.20

Today is St George’s Day.

St George famously fought a dragon. Write your own story including a dragon. Remember to plan your writing before you begin to write your story. It might help you to answer these questions before you start writing.

Is your dragon good or bad?

Who else is in your story?

Where is your story set?

What is the main thing that will happen in your story?

Try to include the following in your story, SC:

  • Fronted adverbials,
  • Inverted commas
  • an before a vowel sound
  • possessive apostrophe
  • paragraphs (TiP ToP)
  • Any other grammar that we have learnt about

Here are some Maths problems to solve that are linked to St George. the-mystery-of-st-george-and-the-knights-table-maths-mystery-game

You have to solve all the problems, remember to use the information we have learnt this year (and yesterday). A factor of a number means the number can be divided equally. For example, 36 ÷ 2 = 18 so both 2 and 18 are factors of 36. Good Luck!