Exciting opportunity for Dads :)

A free course called Dads matter is available for you to participate in

What is the course like?

  • It gets dads talking to each other
  • It runs for 12 weeks and each weekly session is two hours long
  • The sessions are run by two male Dads Matter Facilitators who are experienced in leading group work
  • The course is held in the evening and afternoons in different venues across Norfolk

What will we cover?

  • We will look at many aspects of child development to understand why children behave as they do – from the terrible twos to troubled teens
  • We will use practical tools and explore techniques such as mindfulness to help us manage our own and our children’s behaviour and emotions
  • Each week there will be opportunities to reflect and share our experiences with the group and get support from other dads

To find out more and register click on the link below: