f-r-i-d-ay – Friday!

Yay it’s Friday!

We would like to say a great BIG well done to you and your families for joining in with our video for the NHS and Critical Workers yesterday, we’re sure when they see our video this will make them smile! You all looked fantastic dressed in your Superhero costumes and to us you’re our Superheroes working tirelessly at home, trying your best with all your home learning and NEVER giving up!

Today is our last day of learning about Paddington Bear so we thought you may like to try a marmalade sandwich as this is his favourite thing to eat. You can help your grown up to make the sandwich, think about the order you will need to make your sandwich in; first, then, next and last. Be careful when you use a knife to spread the butter and marmalade and make sure you listen to your grown up at all times. Once you’ve eaten your sandwich describe to your family the texture, taste and consistency and whether you enjoyed your marmalade sandwich or not.

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Kim’s memory game

This is a game for all the family to play and as I’ve said to you before over our zoom lessons – ‘It’s a fantastic way to help develop your child’s short term memory. You can use some of the objects provided in your child’s home learning packs or some of their favourite items from around your home. I recommend using 4-5 objects at the most, share the items with your child first so they know what will be hidden under a blanket or tea-towel, you or another family member then take one item away from the group before lifting the blanket or tea-towel for your child to have a look to see what is missing. You could link this game in with number recognition, a RWI ‘fred talking’ sound game of the item; for example if you had a picture of a cat, your child could sound the word out ‘c-a-t – cat’. This game links into lots of the Early Years Curriculum, turn taking, attention, sitting for a period of time, focusing, and then if you link it to a Maths or English activity too this extends their learning further.  However, we want you and your child to choose which objects you’d like to use as we want the game to be fun and enjoyable for the whole family, as it is Friday after all and you’ve all worked so hard this week! Happy playing everyone and remember this is a game that can be played daily to help with your child’s memory development.

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Here is a picture of Mrs Pollard and I trying to complete yesterday’s challenge…. We hope that you managed to complete the challenge as we found it a little tricky. However, we didn’t give up! We kept trying until we we’re able to do it. Well done, Mrs Pollard! You worked really hard to complete this challenge. 🙂

Here’s another challenge for you. Mrs Pollard showed me yesterday how she can sit down on the floor without bending her knees! Yes, without bending her knees! I have tried this in our classroom and sadly I wasn’t able to do it. Not to worry boys and girls, I won’t be beaten by this challenge and I am going to continuing trying from the comfort of my home. Look out for pictures to follow….

We’d like to wish you and your families a lovely weekend. Thank you, again for all your hard work and continued support our the past few weeks.

See you all on Monday when we’ll be finishing our Bear topic with a ‘Our Bear’s’.

Miss Thrower and Mrs Pollard